Bajans trans­late their own vernacular


As Inde­pen­dence approaches we were curi­ous as to whether the aver­age Bajan really knows what some of the more pop­u­lar Bajan say­ings meant. Here are our results:

Bajan Say­ing:
If you didn’t at de chris­ten­ing, yuh shouldn’t be at de wedding.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

If you weren’t there from the start don’t be there at the fin­ish. TF

If you weren’t there from the start doan try to be there when things are at their best. DS

Mean­ing: Do not get involved in some­thing if you do not know how it started.

Bajan Say­ing: Bucket gine up and down in well evah day, de bot­tom boun’ tuh drop out.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

If you keep doing the same thing over and over peo­ple will catch on. TF

If you keep over­work­ing some­thing it will give out. FG

Mean­ing:Sus­tained pres­sure and exer­tion will even­tu­ally lead to a breakdown.

Bajan Say­ing: One smart dead at too smart door.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

There is always some­one who knows more than you do. DS

One per­son what felt he was smart get out­smart by some­one else. LP

Mean­ing: You can’t trick a trickster.

Bajan Say­ing: Day does run til night catch he.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

You can’t run away from your prob­lems for­ever. MF

Every­thing that hap­pens in the dark comes to light. LP

Mean­ing: Things always catch up with you.

Bajan Say­ing: Ya could hide and buy land but ya can’t hide and work um.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

What­ever you do in pri­vate will even­tu­ally come to light. MF

Every­thing has reper­cus­sions. OG

Mean­ing: What hap­pens in the dark will always come to light.

Bajan Say­ing: Yuh can’ plant yam and reap eddoe.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

You will reap what you sow. AB

Can’t do wrong and expect good. BW

Mean­ing: Your reward or pun­ish­ment is in line with your actions.

Bajan Say­ing: De higher de mon­key climb, de more ’e show ’e tail.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

The more you advance, the more you expose your­self. AB

The more you do the more you show your true colours. BW

Mean­ing: The more you show off, the more your faults are brought to the open.

Bajan Say­ing: Tekking time ain’t laziness.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

Bet­ter to take ya time and do some­thing than rush it. Bet­sie

Tak­ing your time to do some­thing prop­erly is not being lazy. KT

Mean­ing: Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Bajan Say­ing: Evah skin-​teet en’ a laugh.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

Every­one who smile and laff wid you int you’re friend. KT

Per­sons may smile at you yet stab you in the back. PF

Mean­ing: Not all out­ward signs of friend­li­ness should be taken as genuine.

Bajan Say­ing: Gih Jack ‘e jacket.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

When some­one does some­thing wor­thy of praise let them have it.JA

Give some­one praise where praise is due. MB

Mean­ing: Give credit where credit is due.

Bajan Say­ing: De tongue dat buy you does sell you.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

The per­sons that tell you things will also talk about you. DH

The per­son you trust might be the one who will hurt you. TB

Mean­ing: The same per­son that flat­ters you, may betray you later.

Bajan Say­ing: White mout fowl does eat and den wipe ‘e mout in de grass.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

Some­one that eats and has no man­ners. DH

The fowl “great” with itself.FG
Mean­ing: Some peo­ple don’t show gratitude.

Bajan Say­ing: Wha’ sweeten goat mout does bun ‘e tail.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

What looks tempt­ing ini­tially can have neg­a­tive con­se­quences. GW

Any­thing that sounds really sweet is prob­a­bly too good to be true. MB

Mean­ing: A source of great plea­sure may turn out to be a prob­lem later on.

Bajan Say­ing: Nuh name, nuh blame, nuh lock up.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

No name call­ing, so no one can be blamed. JA

If you don’t know about some­thing, or weren’t there, you can’t be blamed for it and can’t get in trou­ble. GW

Mean­ing: If no names are called, no one can be accused.

Bajan Say­ing: If black bird fly wid pigeon ‘e will get shoot.

The Aver­age Bajan Says:

Guilty by asso­ci­a­tion. BF

If you hang with the wrong crowd, their fate will be your fate. JF

Mean­ing: If you asso­ciate with the wrong peo­ple you will get the same treat­ment that they do.

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