Wed­ding Plan­ning Tips

Wedding-Planning-Tips1Choos­ing to get mar­ried should be one of the most roman­tic and won­der­ful moments in your life, and very often it is, until…you have to plan the wed­ding. Where to get mar­ried, where to have the recep­tion, who sits where, what should be served, which colours to choose, the list goes on and on. That’s why we decided to make it eas­ier for you. Here are some use­ful tips for wed­ding plan­ning so that the occa­sion is a tad less stress­ful on you and your loved one.

Gen­eral Tips
dont stress

  • Try not to stress – this seems obvi­ous but it def­i­nitely not over­stated enough. Trust that every­thing and every­one that you have cho­sen to play a part in your big day will come through and exe­cute their task well.
  • Take your time – Some per­sons aren’t fans of a long engage­ment, but really tak­ing the time to plan a wed­ding sig­nif­i­cantly reduces the stress of the occa­sion. Sit down with your fiancé and trash out every­thing you could pos­si­bly want, and then set a date giv­ing your­self plenty of time to enjoy stress free plan­ning of your wedding.
  • Don’t get caught up in the idea of per­fec­tion – sure every cou­ple wants their day to be per­fect and mag­i­cal, but unex­pected events will occur. Accept if some things are unat­tain­able and aim for some­thing more real­is­tic but just as magical.
  • Pri­or­i­tize what is impor­tant – sit down with your fiancé and dis­cuss what the most impor­tant things you want to have at your wed­ding are and go from there. Often when you set­tle on the impor­tant mat­ters, the less sig­nif­i­cant aspects fall into place.

Plan­ning the Details

wedding budgetSet a Bud­get and a Timetable for plan­ning the wed­ding – get­ting this done early will ease so much of the poten­tial stress and pres­sure that may arise. Decide what you guys can afford and decide what aspects are impor­tant and what aren’t. Stick­ing to the bud­get will be harder than set­ting it, so just ensure that you keep that in mind. Also, plan the timetable of what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. This point can go hand in hand with the “take your time” point, as it will allow you to give ample time to the aspects that need it and ensure you don’t waste time to those things that require less time.

  • Set­tle on the Guest List before choos­ing the venue – Decide who you want to invite to the wed­ding so that you have a fig­ure of how many per­sons will be on the final guest list and then decide on a venue for the recep­tion. You wouldn’t want that you chose a space but then invite far too many peo­ple and the space is all cramped up. Ensure there is ample room for the dance floor, servers and tables. When decid­ing on the guest list, also take into con­sid­er­a­tion if you can afford to have ‘x’ num­ber of peo­ple at your wedding.

wedding organizerBe well orga­nized – keep all the impor­tant doc­u­ments and contracts/​agreements you have signed all in one place. Also, it is ideal to have a sep­a­rate email for your wed­ding, so you won’t have to go rif­fling through your inbox to find an email from your caterer.

Check for impor­tant hap­pen­ings on your big day – make sure your big day will not clash with any sig­nif­i­cant event (reduces the like­li­hood of can­cel­la­tions and last minute bail outs) and of course, for those get­ting mar­ried in the great out­doors, check the weather reports.

  • Make use of Refer­rals – chances are, your pho­tog­ra­pher knows a great inte­rior designer and that that same designer may know of a great cater­ing com­pany. Make use of the exper­tise of the per­sons you will choose so that they can refer you to sim­i­larly excel­lent people/​companies. Still, this does not mean you should check the ref­er­ences of those per­sons referred to you.

  • Take Friends dress shop­ping – and when we say friends…reliable ones that won’t just agree with every­thing you say, but will tell you the truth. Friends whose instincts you can trust will be impor­tant as some­times dress shop­ping can be very, very frus­trat­ing.

  • Del­e­gate the money in the wed­ding bud­get care­fully – make a list of all the cru­cial details of your wed­ding. This can include the music, the flow­ers, food, invi­ta­tions, pho­tog­ra­pher etc. Assign a num­ber between 1 to 5 to each, with 1 being very impor­tant and 5 being of lit­tle impor­tance. Invest the money on the very impor­tant aspects, whereas you can cut some bud­getary cor­ners on the aspects that are less important.
  • Sched­ule the Setup of the Wed­ding Venue and Recep­tion– Ide­ally if this can be done the day before the wed­ding that would be great, but if not, at least ensure that every­one on the set-​up crew has enough time to pre­pare their respec­tive venues.
wedding couple
…and finally…enjoy the day itself. Don’t get too caught up in the plan­ning that you for­get to enjoy the process of the plan­ning and the actual day. Focus on what the day means and the fact that you get to stand up in front friends and fam­ily and declare your love and pledge your life to your fiancé. Bask in the moment!

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