The New Year’s Bucket List

new year resolution list
The tra­di­tion of New Year’s Res­o­lu­tions is as old as most of us can remem­ber. Many of us get caught up in the idea of a new year, and desire to be bet­ter ver­sions of our­selves come Jan­u­ary 1
st. To help with this, most of us cre­ate lists, both phys­i­cal and men­tal, of the things that we want to achieve. How­ever, when Jan­u­ary 1st comes and goes, the story is dif­fer­ent. At the end of the day, that list of res­o­lu­tions is either for­got­ten or pushed so far under the pile of life that it may as well be for­got­ten. So, instead of mak­ing a list of res­o­lu­tions and things that you wish to change about your­self, how about make a list of things you would like to expe­ri­ence in the com­ing year? That is, ditch the res­o­lu­tions list and make a bucket list instead. Funny enough, it is hav­ing the expe­ri­ences on the bucket list that can actu­ally help you to become the per­son you wish to be and they are also the key to liv­ing the life that you want to live.

Let’s take for exam­ple if your res­o­lu­tion is to become a more adven­tur­ous per­son. Mak­ing that res­o­lu­tion is all well and good, but becom­ing an adven­tur­ous per­son means you actu­ally have to do adven­tur­ous things. New year’s res­o­lu­tions don’t always come with a plan to help you achieve that goal. So instead, change that res­o­lu­tion to: I want to go sky div­ing or zip lin­ing. Doing these adven­tur­ous things will set you well on your way to becom­ing more adven­tur­ous as a person.

New Year Bucket List ideas

This list con­tains some dan­ger­ous and some risky ideas for you to under­take dur­ing the new year and have been divided into sec­tions for your read­ing convenience.

Health and Fitness
fitness and health-weights and diet

  • Com­plete a 5K run/​walk at least once a month
  • Com­plete the 100 Push-​Up Challenge
  • Exer­cise 4 times a week
  • Go a week drink­ing only water
  • Go hik­ing
  • Start drink­ing green tea on a reg­u­lar basis.

new year resolution-travel-stamped suitcase

  • Visit a coun­try you have always wanted to visit
  • Cruise the Caribbean
  • Go on a ran­dom road trip

new year resolution-adventure-zipline

  • Try zip lining
  • Go snor­kel­ing
  • Ride a mechan­i­cal bull
  • Go pad­dle boarding
  • Go camp­ing

Per­sonal Development
new year resolution-personal growth sign

  • Learn to forgive
  • Improve your spirituality/​Get in touch with God
  • Treat your­self to some­thing nice once every month (at minimum)
  • Be your­self
  • Be hon­est about every­thing in life
  • Be self-​sufficient
  • Be pas­sion­ate about a cause
  • Do some­thing new every month for a year

Busi­ness and Career
new year resolution-business-open your own business sign

  • Be your own boss/​become a busi­ness owner
  • Become a famous businessman/​woman
  • Be rec­og­nized as an author­ity in your field
  • Ask for a pay raise

new year resolution-outreach mission-helping hands

  • Go on a mis­sion trip/​do more vol­un­teer work
  • Donate canned goods and/​or cloth­ing to the needy.
  • Be a men­tor to someone
  • Be a reg­u­lar blood donor
  • Be a true inspi­ra­tion to someone
  • Do 365 ran­dom acts of kind­ness in a year

new year resolution-entertainment-crowd at a concert

  • Attend a concert
  • Attend a local sports game
  • Attend a cul­tural festival
  • Attend a cos­tume party
  • Expe­ri­ence a white Christmas

new year resoultion-education-students in a classroom

  • Become bilin­gual
  • Com­plete a degree/​course
  • Com­plete a novel/​book
  • Com­plete a rubik’s cube
  • Com­plete all of your favorite author books
  • Do a first aid course

new year resolution-finance-balance sheet

  • Be com­pletely debt free
  • Have x amount in sav­ings (you choose our amount)
  • Save for a house
  • Put 3 dol­lars every sin­gle day in a jar for one year
  • Stay on a strict bud­get and save for a goal

new year resolution-relationship-couple holding hands

  • Ask a guy on a date
  • Be cupid for a cou­ple who will end up married
  • Con­fess your feelings
  • Con­nect with an old friend
  • Cre­ate a new fam­ily tradition
  • Go on a blind date
  • Go on a roman­tic getaway
  • Find “The One”

new year resolution- food-platter of food

  • Try an Inter­est­ing new food
  • Eat at a new restau­rant once a month
  • Go wine tasting
  • Learn to cook/​bake new dishes
  • Cook 30 recipes from 30 dif­fer­ent coun­tries in 30 days
  • Cook a meal from every culture

The pos­i­tive of the New Year’s bucket list is that it actu­ally com­bines the best fea­tures of a reg­u­lar bucket list, and New Year’s res­o­lu­tions. It gives you a plan that can help you achieve all the things you would put on a res­o­lu­tions list. Also, the best thing about bucket lists is that there are about self-​explorations, not self-​judgment on the per­son that you were for the last 365 days. So, what are you wait­ing for? Get started on your New Year’s Bucket list today!

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