Places to Get Mar­ried in Barbados

Many vis­i­tors choose to get mar­ried in Bar­ba­dos. At times, these wed­dings are spon­ta­neous, other times, they are well planned by pro­fes­sion­als or even them­selves. One of the best things about get­ting mar­ried in Bar­ba­dos is the fact that there is absolutely no short­age of places to get mar­ried, regard­less of the type of wed­ding you prefer.

The Tra­di­tional Wedding

These types of wed­dings usu­ally take place in churches. Many cou­ples like the tra­di­tion of being mar­ried in front of God and the church as they believe this will bring bless­ings upon their union. There are many churches in every parish on the island, major­ity of them over 100 years old. So, even if you are on hol­i­day and you want your big day to reflect your Chris­t­ian faith, then Bar­ba­dos is right for you. Not to men­tion, many of the churches in Bar­ba­dos because of their age, hold a lot of his­tory with in their walls. So, whether you are stay­ing on the South, North, East or West Coast, you are sure to find a church in your area will­ing to marry you.

The Out­door Wedding

Many cou­ples in mod­ern times have been seek­ing the great out­doors for their wed­ding. This usu­ally includes areas that have spec­tac­u­lar views and even bet­ter ambiance. There is no bet­ter place for out­door wed­dings than the trop­i­cal par­adise Bar­ba­dos. Bar­ba­dos has a col­lec­tion of gar­dens and prop­er­ties ideal for just this type of wed­ding. First, there’s the Sug­ar­land Gar­dens located in St. Peter, famous for their beau­ti­ful wed­dings. Per­sons com­mend Sug­ar­land Gar­dens specif­i­cally for its stun­ning views but the ambiance. Other botan­i­cal gar­dens in Bar­ba­dos ideal for out­door wed­dings are Androm­eda Gar­dens and Flower For­est. Pop­u­lar tourists spots such as Harrison’s Cave and Orchid World, have also played host to many wed­dings. Bagatelle Great House in St. Thomas and Sun­bury Great House in St. Philip are other spec­tac­u­lar loca­tion for an out­door wedding.

The Beach Wedding

This is per­sonal favourite of mine. Relax­ing seas, sun set­ting (or ris­ing) in the dis­tance and sand beneath your toes as you gaze into the eyes of your loved one. What could be bet­ter? Bar­ba­dos has been known to have some of the best and most beau­ti­ful beaches in the world. Three of the most pop­u­lar beaches for wed­dings are Bot­tom Bay, Carlisle Bay and Foul Bay. You can also choose to get mar­ried on the beaches of some resorts such as the Crane Resort (which has one of the most beau­ti­ful beaches in Bar­ba­dos) and the San­dals Beach Resort.

The Sea Wedding

Who wouldn’t want to get mar­ried on the lovely Caribbean Sea? There are numer­ous ways to do this in Bar­ba­dos. You can rent a boat and just take it out for a few hours to have your cer­e­mony or you can get mar­ried on a large cruise ship. Bar­ba­dos Jam­min’ Cata­ma­ran Cruises is a great place to start how­ever as its small size facil­i­tates a nice, inti­mate wed­ding. The Atlantis Sub­ma­rine and the Jolly Roger are also two companies/​vessels you can enlist to help with your Sea wedding.

The Total Package

Many hotels and resorts offer trav­el­ling tourists vaca­tion pan­cakes that include a wed­ding and a hon­ey­moon. By book­ing this pack­age, you have the loca­tion, recep­tion and vir­tu­ally every­thing else taken care of includ­ing the legal aspects such as gov­ern­ment fees and the mar­riage cer­tifi­cate. Some resorts that offer wed­ding pack­ages include the Bougainvil­lea Beach Resort, the Trea­sure Beach Hotel, Sandy Lane Golf and Spa Resort. What is great about the Total Pack­age plan is that you can have your wed­ding at any time of the day: Break­fast, brunch, Lunch…you get the picture.

The Wedding…with a lit­tle touch of History

Cou­ples also choose to get mar­ried at cer­tain spots in Bar­ba­dos that hold a lot of his­tory. For exam­ple, the Gun Hill Sig­nal Sta­tion and even the Bar­ba­dos Museum and His­tor­i­cal Soci­ety (whose entire grounds can be rented for a fee). There are var­i­ous his­tor­i­cal sites in Bar­ba­dos that facil­i­tate wed­dings, includ­ing St. Nicholas Abbey, Belle­vue Plan­ta­tion, Fisher Pond Great House and Guinea Plantation.

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