A Few of Our Favourite Christ­mas Things

Its Christ­mas time yet again and every­one has a few things which make Christ­mas spe­cial to them. Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine is count­ing down our top ten favourite things at Christ­mas time.

10. Clean­ing — Yup! We said clean­ing. At any other time of the year, clean­ing is a drag. At Christ­mas, how­ever, it seems to be the most fun thing ever. Maybe that is a slight exag­ger­a­tion but hon­estly Christ­mas clean­ing is great. It’s like an exfo­li­a­tion of your house­hold and enough fun to make it to our top 10.

9. Drinks & Food — Drinks, drinks, drinks galore. Every house­hold you go into around Christ­mas time is always packed. Juices, soft drinks, alco­hol, you name it. And the food… It seems as though peo­ple cook for the whole month and for the whole island. We can safely say, it is likely to gain a few pounds around Christ­mas time. For that rea­son, its best to find a gym in advance to com­bat what is going to hap­pen in December.

8. Par­ties — Christ­mas time is full of events for the young and the old. No one is left out. Dress­ing up and hit­ting the var­i­ous Christ­mas par­ties is a blast.

7. Queen’s Park — Christ­mas morn­ing, scores of Bajans head down to Queen’s Park for a show­case of sorts. Dressed up in their fancy out­fits, men, women, young and old come out to meet and greet friends and stroll through the park to the sounds of the Royal Bar­ba­dos Police Force Band. It is truly a sight to behold.

6. Shop­ping — Here we have a few shopa­holics… and for that rea­son, shop­ping is #6 on our count­down. For us, the hus­tle and bus­tle of Bridgetown at this time of year is actu­ally excit­ing, and get­ting gifts that we know will be loved is even more rewarding.

5. Dec­o­rat­ing — Clean­ing is great but it is the dec­o­rat­ing that really makes it awe­some. Putting up the Christ­mas tree, the lights and the all the dec­o­ra­tions is so great, espe­cially when it is done as a fam­ily affair.

4. Spend­ing Time with Fam­ily — Fam­ily mem­bers come in from over­seas and most house­holds have big fam­ily gath­er­ings. You get to catch up with peo­ple you haven’t seen for the entire year. Christ­mas time is the sea­son of fam­ily reunions. Even per­sons in smaller fam­i­lies find that Christ­mas is a great time to spend qual­ity time together and take part in var­i­ous activ­i­ties and out­ings with each other.

3. Open­ing Gifts — Once upon a time, receiv­ing was what made open­ing gifts great, but as we got older and wiser, we realised that giv­ing was even bet­ter. Open­ing and watch­ing fam­ily mem­bers open their gifts (not the ungrate­ful ones… of course) is so much fun. The excite­ment on everyone’s faces is price­less.

2. Lights — Tra­di­tion­ally we take one night to go out, drive around (or do a scenic bus tour) and look at the lights around the island. The beau­ti­fully lit round­abouts, houses, com­mer­cial build­ings and parks are a sight to behold and it really makes Christ­mas special.

1. Christ­mas Music — Our #1 FAVORITE THING AT CHRIST­MAS IS THE CHRIST­MAS MUSIC. Once the music starts play­ing on the radio, the Christ­mas feel­ing hits you. It is like the gun shot that starts a race. Through­out the month of Decem­ber, Christ­mas music plays in every store and every house­hold, or at least it seems that way and we love it!

What are the things that make Christ­mas time spe­cial to you? Share with us your FAVOURITE THINGS AT CHRISTMAS.

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