Per­son­alised Gift Ideas

Christ­mas gifts do not need to be expen­sive to be appre­ci­ated. Hand­made gifts and per­son­alised gifts are great because they are con­sid­ered to be spe­cial and orig­i­nal. They allow you to use your cre­ativ­ity with­out ‘break­ing the bank’, so to speak. You don’t need to be super artis­tic to get these done. Here are just a few ideas:
  • A pot­ted plant in a hand painted pot. They don’t need to be fancy or elabourate. You can have a sim­ple design and per­son­alise fur­ther with the person’s name, ‘love always’ or some­thing spe­cial between you two.
christmas gift plant pots 2 christmas gift plant pots
  • A photo in hand­painted frame (if you know wood­work you can even build/​carve the frame). Again, does not need to be elabourate or look like a mas­ter­piece. A sim­ple design on the frame or their name would do. If you have a styl­ish hand­writ­ing, you can per­son­al­ize with your own note.
CarolineFrame frame
  • A coupon book. Cre­ate on the com­puter or cre­ate by hand. This is a great idea for any­one from any­one, even your boss. You can go online and find great coupon ideas and cre­ate some­thing which has value through­out the year.
coupon coupon book
  • Jar of good­ies (or gift bas­ket) — It could be choco­lates, home­made cook­ies, candy, what­ever your recip­i­ent loves, you can even give a jar filled with ingre­di­ents to your famous hol­i­day cook­ies and beau­ti­fully attach the recipe. Dec­o­rate the jar with a sim­ple rib­bon or go all out, use your cre­ativ­ity to make it awesome.
Cookie-Mix-in-a-Jar-gift gifts-in-a-jar
  • Recipe Cards — If you are famous for your great cook­ing, why not spread the joy of your awe­some recipes (not nec­es­sar­ily all) This is another gift that will always keep giving.
recpie cards Recipe Cards 2
  • Scrap­book — Cre­ate a scrap­book of the mem­o­ries you have with that per­son. Fill it with pho­tos, mem­o­ra­bilia and notes.
scrapbook mothers-day-scrapbook-9
  • Make scented can­dles. It’s actu­ally not very dif­fi­cult. Click here to see how. After­wards you can dec­o­rate it how­ever you like.
candles decorate candle
  • Here’s another jar gift, home­made snow­globes. Per­son­alise it with pic­tures spe­cial to the receiver and here you have another great gift idea.
Kids-in-snow-globes-on-window snow-globes-l

The most impor­tant thing to remem­ber, is to know your recip­i­ent. There is no point in giv­ing a plant to a ‘plant killer’. These are just a few ideas. There are many more on the inter­net and in var­i­ous do it your­self books.

Pho­tos sourced from var­i­ous do-​it-​yourself blogs online.

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