Exer­cise On the Go

You have set a weight loss goal but you are find­ing it dif­fi­cult to find the time to keep up with exer­cis­ing? I know I have. It seems that we believe that you must spend hours in the gym in order to lose weight, but we are both wrong. It’s not how long you exer­cise, it is how you exercise.

Apart from los­ing weight, there are so many other health ben­e­fits to exer­cise and liv­ing an active lifestyle – boosts energy, reduces stress, boosts mood, improves sleep, com­bats dis­eases, improves brain func­tion and improves your over­all qual­ity of life.

Like the 10 minute work­out guy says, if you pack a lot into a short space of time and push your­self to your max, you may do more for your body than a lazy two hours in the gym. There is so much we can do in our daily lives to get that added boost. Below are some activ­i­ties which we can incor­po­rate each day for a more active life.

A-walk-during-lunch-break- Try wak­ing up 20-​30minutes ear­lier to put in a quick 15 minute exer­cise first thing in the morning.

- If you live close enough, try walk­ing or bik­ing to work a cou­ple days a week. Maybe you might get the hang of it and do it every day. This way you save a lit­tle money.

- If leav­ing your car at home is not an option, take the fur­thest park­ing spot and take a brisk walk to the office, to the super­mar­ket, where ever you go.

- Always the stairs over the ele­va­tor and remem­ber ‘brisk’ is the word to remember.

- Have a lit­tle down time dur­ing the day? Talk a walk break. Walk around the office or around the street. A few brisk 10 minute walks add up.

- Instead of head­ing home and hang­ing out on the couch, find an evening activ­ity – walk the dog or do some gardening.

- Get out in the yard or head to the park and play with the chil­dren or the dog. Great fam­ily fun and exer­cise rolled into one.

- House­work is a great exer­cise oppor­tu­nity. Turn up the music and ‘get to work’ (ref­er­ence to Brit­ney Spears song).

These are just a few of the activ­i­ties you can add to your daily life but there are many more things. The most impor­tant thing to remem­ber is to set real­is­tic goals. Noth­ing dampers your weight loss efforts more than push­ing towards a goal which may take you twice as long to reach as you projected.

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