A Roman­tic Pro­posal In Barbados

A roman­tic story for he books… Once upon a time, there was a man named Harry Martin-​Dreyer, who decided he wanted to marry the love of his life Lucy Plant. This man, Harry, was no ordi­nary man, how­ever. He was an adven­ture seeker. He knew he had to make this por­posal one to go down in the his­tory books of love.

… so the London-​based head-​hunter sent Lucy off to Bar­ba­dos with their fam­ily and friends, then hopped into a row­ing boat with his pal Alex Bland and headed out to join them — with a dia­mond engage­ment ring safely tucked away in his pocket.Some 50 days and 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean later, Harry dropped to one knee (or, rather, wob­bled down onto it) and asked Lucy to be his wife. And she said yes.

Read more at Mail Online. Share your own love sto­ries with us.

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