Looka De View & All Things Ocean Vol 1

Looka De View

photo hotspots

Beau­ti­ful pho­tos taken across Bar­ba­dos cap­tured by Clement Faria. See more of Bar­ba­dos’ beauty in Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine 2nd Edi­tion.

All Things Ocean

coast to coast beaches

Each of Bar­ba­dos’ coasts offers some­thing unique. The west coast gives you calm relax­ing waters, the south coast — a bit more excite­ment where you can enjoy begin­ner water­sports like learn­ing to surf, the east coast offers some pow­er­ful waves, great for pro­fes­sional surfers and the north with it’s rugged cliffs, have awe­some sea­sprays, offer­ing lovely pic­nic and look­out spots. Read this arti­cle and more in Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine 1st Edi­tion.

Being from the west, I love the gen­tle brush of the waves and the safety and secu­rity I feel in calm water… espe­cially since I’m not a great swim­mer. What about you? What do you prefer?

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