Pick Up Lines

It’s inter­est­ing to hear the pick up lines that men come up with on a daily basis. In the sec­ond edi­tion of Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine, we high­lighted a few good ones:
pick up lines

Some of our read­ers also sent us a few of their favourites:

Guy: Miss I need help with mathematics?
Me: What you need to know?
Guy: Every­time I add one plus one i get­ting four.
Me: *puz­zled* How so?
Guy: Well ya see. When I add me and you together, I get­ting two ah we and two pretty babies.

Sweet girl you is a dia­betic. Ya too sweet.

You know I never under­stand that ‘Con­dense’ song until now. Girl you thick and sweet.

What time you fin­ish­ing work? I want to carry you home to meet my mother.

I’m not a pho­tog­ra­pher but I can pic­ture me and you together.

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