Ah Belly Full and Fun & Fête Vol 5

a bajans fav food2

There is no doubt about it, mac­a­roni pie is truly a bajan’s favourite food and if you don’t know how to pre­pare this ‘del­i­cacy’, then you might as well not call your­self a Bajan. So, here’s your oppor­tu­nity to learn. Click the recipe to enlargen and go, do some trial runs and get some folk to taste your hand. Let us know how it goes. If it doesn’t work out, you can always go and buy from Ryanne’s Restau­rant or Ideal Restau­rant and never speak of the ordeal ever again.

bajan funny

We hope this gives you a laugh. Click here, for more fun­nies and inter­est­ing articles.

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