The Chal­lenor Ice Bucket Chal­lenge Reap­ing Rewards

Ice Bucket Chal­lenge mak­ing head­way in rais­ing funds for the Chal­lenor Cre­ative Arts and Train­ing Cen­tre, $8000 infact.

Yarde, who spear­headed the effort, recently donated the cash to the care offi­cer at the cen­tre, Sheldene Applewaite.

He said “We as Bar­ba­di­ans need to stop look­ing and say­ing some­body else will deal with that; but need to step up and help when we can, where we can and how we can.”

Yarde ini­tially started a col­lec­tion drive for the cen­tre when he was told about some of the chal­lenges the school was experiencing.

While he returns to his res­i­dence in Boston on Mon­day, dona­tions can con­tinue to be made through the Broad Street branch of RBC, Account No. 4654281, or directly to the centre.

Apple­waite said the school was faced with ter­mite infes­ta­tion, inad­e­quate fenc­ing to secure the prop­erty, rot­ting palm trees at risk of falling and dam­ag­ing the struc­tures, and gen­eral lack of resources to ade­quately cater to the children’s needs.

Arti­cle sourced and para­phrased from www​.nation​news​.com

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