Dress­ing for your Caribbean Vacation

The most improtant thing for you to remem­ber when you are plan­ning your Caribbean vaca­tion is that it will be hot, even if you travel dur­ing rainy sea­son. Here are a few tips for dress­ing for your Caribbean vacation:

1 — Pack under­wear 2 per day of your stay. While you may not need them all, the heat may send you to the bath more often than you would in cooler climates.

2 — One pair of paja­mas will suf­fice for an entire week.

3 — choose light cloth­ing — t-​shirts, tank tops, shorts and dresses for your day to day activ­i­ties. While shorts and polos are fine for men, they should have at least one pair of long pants for dinner.

4 — Pack mul­ti­ple bathing suites. You don’t want to miss out on a beach day because your bathing suit is still wet from the day before.

5 — If you are the out­door­sie type, bring clothes you can wear for hikes and bike rides. Some com­pa­nies sug­gest you wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and fully enclosed shoes. It may be best to check out the activ­i­ties offered and require­ments before over or under packing.

6 — Do you plan on tak­ing part in the island’s nightlife, pack a few of your hot num­bers and pre­pare to paint the town. A sexy dress or two and a nice shirt and linen pants make a fine pair.

7 — Com­fort­able shoes are always a neces­sity. You will prob­a­bly be out for long hours explor­ing the coun­try, be sure to do it in com­fort. A pair of sneak­ers, san­dals, flip flops and dress shoes will suf­fice for your var­i­ous activities.

8 — The weather may change in an instant, pack a pon­cho or light­weight umbrella, or buy one once you reach your destination.
9DO NOT pack any cam­ou­flage as it is ille­gal in many Caribbean islands.

10 — It’s your vaca­tion come and be com­fort­able and ENJOY!

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