Our Thoughts on the Toni Thorne Show

Our Thoughts On The Toni Thorne Show

When I first heard about the Toni Thorne show I must admit I pre-​judged it. I expected a cheesy Bar­ba­dian show that relied more on a witty host than any depth to the show. Unfor­tu­nately, I went into it with tinted glasses expect­ing to only watch the first episode or two it. This did not have any­thing to do with Toni or the per­son she is; it had more to do with the things that I have seen with Bar­ba­dian pro­duc­tions. How­ever, I was glad to be proven wrong.

The Toni Thorne Show

The Toni Thorn Show is essen­tially a show bro­ken down into 4 parts (for most episodes). Point Blank, Pom­pasette, Tell It to Toni and what I per­son­ally look for­ward to the most, the Lip­ton Spon­sored Tea Time Seg­ment. In the Point Blank seg­ment, Toni fea­tures some­one that she has really frank and up front inter­views with (hence the name Point Blank). In the first episode, she fea­tured drag queen Avalon Black Suarez. While this was not a per­sonal favourite of mine due to my own beliefs, what it showed view­ers from her very first episode that her show was going to be dif­fer­ent and touch on var­i­ous aspects and lifestyles in Bar­ba­dos largely scorned, ignored and frowned upon. Other Point Blank fea­tures included a seg­ment on the very pop­u­lar, preva­lent, but hardly addressed issue of bleach­ing in Bar­ba­dos. I par­tic­u­larly loved how she addressed it from both a sub­jec­tive view­point (some­one who bleaches reg­u­larly), and an objec­tive view­point (a med­ical pro­fes­sional). There was also an excel­lent inter­view with Shon­telle, and insight­ful seg­ment with Ralph “Busy” Williams that any entre­pre­neur or bud­ding entre­pre­neur should watch and a very inter­est­ing seg­ment on the Adult Enter­tain­ment Indus­try. While I did not like a few seg­ments due to my own per­sonal beliefs, I do look for­ward to Point Blank. As the name of the seg­ment implies, Toni has very upfront dis­cus­sions to pull infor­ma­tion out of her guests that she believes the audi­ence wants and needs to hear.

Point Blank Ver­dict: A

The sec­ond seg­ment is Pom­pasette. This seg­ment is mainly a focus on entre­pre­neurs but of a dif­fer­ent kind. What I love about this seg­ment is that it exposed me to some aspects of Bar­ba­dian soci­ety that I never knew existed. For exam­ple var­i­ous meth­ods of achiev­ing fit­ness in Bar­ba­dos such as pole danc­ing for exer­cise (at VIP Stu­dios) , Aer­ial Silks Fit­ness, Wuk Up Work Out and Meri Run­bout. I really admire how Tony is not a stag­nant inter­viewer for this seg­ment but actu­ally actively par­tic­i­pates in the ses­sions. Again it shows her ver­sa­til­ity as a pre­sen­ter as she able to be actively involved and show the audi­ence that they too can do it. Other aspects of this seg­ment include var­i­ous Fash­ion and Music shows where Toni gets up close and per­sonal with a few fash­ion design­ers and artistes. What this also shows is how Toni stays true to her roots and presents seg­ments that are of inter­est to her. By doing such seg­ments, she shows true engage­ment with her guests.

Pom­pasette Ver­dict: A

While the first two seg­ments present infor­ma­tion in a seri­ous way, The Tell It To Toni seg­ment is a brief but hilar­i­ous insight into the mind of the lay­man. There is usu­ally a ques­tion or topic posed to per­sons and they voice their opin­ions. Top­ics include #Pet­Peeves, #MakeUp101, #Not­that­In­toYou and #Kissing101 and show­cases the lighter side of the show.

Tell it to Tony Ver­dict: A–

Prob­a­bly the best part of the show is the Lip­ton Spon­sored Tea Time Seg­ment where Toni poses one or two ques­tions to a panel and a dis­cus­sion is gen­er­ated. Here, var­i­ous issues are addressed and view­ers can hear mul­ti­ple view­points. Again this seg­ment allows the show to tap into issues that we as Bar­ba­di­ans and intel­lec­tu­als need to be talk­ing and think­ing about. Issues such as the new law about no Ras­tas on the police force, our cul­tural iden­tity or lack thereof, con­doms in prison, UWI fees, the N word and other cur­rent events issues are those which are raised in this seg­ment. And of course, Toni’s side com­men­tary adds an extra hilar­ity to the seg­ment and also breaks any ten­sion gen­er­ated by the discussion.

Lip­ton Tea Seg­ment Ver­dict: A+

Over­all Ver­dict: A

To con­clude, I absolutely love the Toni Thorne show. I love the humour, I love the issues that are touched on and most impor­tantly I love how Toni presents the show. From her style, you can see that she gen­uinely wants to bring aware­ness to the pub­lic and get our minds going about the impor­tant things. What I also love about her style is that she always adds a dis­claimer that while she may not agree with every­thing the per­sons is say­ing, it isn’t about her opin­ion but it’s about chang­ing national con­scious­ness and high­light­ing the real­i­ties of Bar­ba­dian soci­ety. Some of the other aspects of the show that I enjoy are:

· The focus on entre­pre­neurs – as an entre­pre­neur myself, this is one of the most impres­sive things about the show.
· The show high­lights that there are dif­fer­ent styles and ways for edu­cat­ing the audi­ence – the use of humour and seri­ous­ness all mixed with pro­fes­sion­al­ism.
· The focus on var­i­ous social, finan­cial and reli­gious issues in Bar­ba­dian soci­ety
· The touch on con­tro­ver­sial issues such as con­doms in prison and the adult enter­tain­ment indus­try.
· The expo­sure it brings to aspects of Bar­ba­dos’ soci­ety you prob­a­bly pre­vi­ously didn’t know about.

Check out the link to the new show here!

I am very glad I invested my time in watch­ing the show and I hope it runs for a long time. I believe our soci­ety needs more shows like these can get our minds focussed on var­i­ous soci­etal issues that really mat­ter. If you have never watched the show or you wish to catch up on episodes you missed, visit www​.youtube​.com where all the episodes can be found.

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