It’s My Bucket List Not Yours.….

I never thought about all of the things I wanted to do in Bar­ba­dos before the good Lord called me home before, so com­ing up with this list was a bit more chal­leng­ing than expected. How­ever, most of what I have come up with have to do with a lot of the phys­i­cal, adven­ture activ­i­ties that are avail­able in Bar­ba­dos that many per­sons may or may not be famil­iar with. So, here goes…

1. Bowl a ball in an inter­na­tional cricket game at Kens­ing­ton Oval fea­tur­ing West Indies and South Africa and have a photo with both teams.
wi vs sa

As an avid cricket fan this is ulti­mate on my list. Kens­ing­ton Oval is one of the best cricket grounds in the world, and while observ­ing the cricket action from the stands, I have always won­dered what it would be like on the field of play (although I used to play Kid­dies cricket, it pales in com­par­i­son to the real thing). So I would love to bowl a ball dur­ing a game with my two favorite inter­na­tional teams and then of course have a momento of the occa­sion by hav­ing a photo with my favorite play­ers. Although there is def­i­nitely the pos­si­bil­ity that the ball I bowl may get smacked out of Kens­ing­ton, it would be great for me to even­tu­ally find the ball and keep it as a momento as well. J

2. Learn to ride a motorcyle
riding pig

For as long as I could remem­ber I have always loved moto­cy­cles; no wait­ing traf­fic, no one ask­ing you for rides, and so incred­i­bly fast. I wanted a motor­cy­cle before I wanted a car. So, #2 would be for me to finally learn to ride a motor­cy­cle even if I can’t own one and then even­tu­ally do with it what I want to do for bucket list item #5.

3. Learn to surf
Surf­ing has always appealed to me and it is such a for­got­ten sport in Bar­ba­dos. I enjoy watch­ing per­sosn surf and the excite­ment it brings to them. As cool as it is to watch, I bet it would be even more fun to actu­ally experience.

4. Go on an Island Safari
island safari
Although I have expe­ri­enced scenic rides and tours and road trips in Bar­ba­dos, I have always wanted to expe­ri­ence what it’s like tour­ing the island in an island safari. Usu­ally, they pass by when I’m on the road and every­one looks like they are hav­ing so much fun. Although when its wet there’s the pos­si­bil­ity of get­ting dirty, it is still some­thing I would like to do. There are also sea safaris as well so there­fore that would be an alter­na­tive if the on the road safari isn’t available.

5. Drive a car at full speed around the Bushy Park Track J
bushy park

I absolutely hate to watch car rac­ing, not because it isn’t excit­ing but because I would be far more excited behind the wheel of a car dri­ving around the track. I’m not sure options like these are avail­able in Bar­ba­dos, but I would like noth­ing bet­ter than to race around bushy track and expe­ri­ence the exhil­a­ra­tion and the adrenaine rush those dri­vers expe­ri­ence on a reg­u­lar basis.

6. Go Horse­back rid­ing
horse back riding
Both a fear and a desire, my #6 bucket list item brings a mix­ture of emo­tions. While a height of any dis­tance ter­ri­fies me, I have always wanted to try horse­back rid­ing, going on a nice trail ride in the hills and val­leys of the lush coun­try­side or a nice ride on the beach.

7. Learn how to roller blade or skate­board
rolling blading
Despite the cuts and brusies this will inevitably bring, I have always wanted to try roller blad­ing or skate­board­ing. Again, the rush that per­sons expe­ri­ence from doing it is some­thing I have always wanted to experience.

8. Expe­ri­ence the under­wa­ter snorkelling tour and night dive with Atlantis Submarines

This is prob­a­bly the newest entry to my bucket list. After read­ing and writ­ing about tours with Atlantis Sub­marines I am now very eager to expe­ri­ence them. Both the night dive, where you can see a dif­fer­ent dimen­sion of under­wa­ter sea life, and the snorkelling tours where you get up close and per­sonal with under­wa­ter life.

9. Learn to pad­dle board

paddle boarding
This seems to be on the rise in Bar­ba­dos as on almost any beach visit I see per­sons try­ing out this new activ­ity. It seems both fun and excit­ing but also requires a mea­sure of skill, tech­nique and bal­ance. But, if I fall off, well, that’s half the fun I suppose.

10. Explore the Food, Wine and Rum Fes­ti­val
Wine and Food
This fes­ti­val has become a pin­na­cle in the food indus­try since its incep­tion a few years ago. I love food and I love try­ing new foods and get­ting to expe­ri­ence it along with meet­ing some of the finest chefs in the busi­ness is def­i­nitely some­thing I would love to do.

Bucket List items already crossed off…

11. Zip Lin­ing

What an awe­some expe­ri­ence this was, zip­ping through the air at over 1000ft and scream­ing my lungs out! One of the best and most excit­ing things I have ever expe­ri­enced. Unfor­tu­nately, Ariel Trek has closed down, but I hope some­one in Bar­ba­dos res­ur­rects this lovely expe­ri­ence for both locals and tourists to enjoy.

12. Ride a jet ski
jet ski

This was #2 on my list before I did it and man was it amaz­ing!!! It was also a bit scary being out at sea when any­thing could hap­pen but it was a truly amaz­ing experience.

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