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Quick Facts — All you need to know about Blood

Ander­son Armstrong

Born: Feb­ru­ary 1st 1968

Sec­ondary School Attended: The Lodge School

Ok I’m sure our read­ers are dying to know. How did you get the nick­name “Young Blood”?

“Young Blood was a name I got from the Mighty Gabby by acci­dent. He could not remem­ber my name when I first met with him and he wrote it on a cas­sette. At first I thought he had given me the wrong one but then I real­ized what he had done. I liked it and I used the name. Over time, peo­ple would just call me Blood and so today that is what I use on stage”. Taken from last​.fm

So tell us about the early begin­nings of your singing career.

Well when I was younger I used to sing in my pri­mary school choir. Then as sec­ondary school pro­gressed I started singing in com­pe­ti­tions from around 1983. It was this same year I entered and made the finals of the Richard Stoute Teen Tal­ent Con­test. I used my own mate­r­ial in this com­pe­ti­tion even though it was a risk because no one knew them. But it worked out really well despite that.Taken from last​.fm

You men­tioned that Gabby gave you the name Young Blood by acci­dent. Tell us about your early rela­tion­ship with him.

He was like a men­tor to me. The same year I made it to the finals of Richard Stoute, I per­formed in Gabby’s first timers Calypso Con­test. He was a real help to me in those early years and like I said, he was a great men­tor.Taken from last​.fm

From all these begin­nings, singing in the school choir, Richard Stoute, Gabby’s Tent, how did you have your first real break­through as a calypsonian?

In 1984 when I was 16 Mac Fin­gal encour­aged me to join The Untouch­ables Calypso Tent. This was so awe­some because I was able to share the stage with the great RPB. It was so sur­real. Here I was basi­cally a kid, shar­ing a stage with the King of Calypso him­self. Then when I thought things couldn’t get any more sur­real, I became the youngest per­son ever to make the Pic-​o-​de-​Crop finals at 17 years old. To be com­pet­ing among the greats at such a young age was so incred­i­ble.Taken from last​.fm

And what did you place in the finals?

5th. Gabby won the title that year. So from there, me and a good friend George Jones formed Square One in 1986 . And from there things really took off. We got a few more mem­bers and I was the lead vocals of the band until my good friend Ali­son Hinds joined in 1987 as a co-​vocalist. Taken from last​.fm and mtv​.com

What was the expe­ri­ence being a part of one of the lead­ing party bands in the Caribbean?

Words can­not describe it to be hon­est. We toured all sorts of coun­tries: Eng­lish Speak­ing, Span­ish speak­ing, even French and Dutch speak­ing coun­tries. We were named Hotel Band of the Year by the Musi­cians & Enter­tain­ers Guild of Bar­ba­dos in 1988, 1989 and 1990. Hav­ing Ali­son there was great espe­cially because she could sing songs in French, Por­tuguese and Caribbean Patois. Taken from last​.fm and mtv​.com

Wow. You have so many Career High­lights but can you pin­point one that you would con­sider to be in your top 3 best moments?

Def­i­nitely when Square One trav­elled to South Africa to per­form for the Cricket World Cup of 2003. That was amaz­ing. Taken from last​.fm

We know about Blood, the mem­ber of Square One. What about Blood the Solo Artist?

I was a suc­cess­ful solo artist as well. I have been able to pro­duce and record many solo tracks and albums includ­ing a Christ­mas Album. Taken from Caribbean Dreams Magazine

Most of our Bajan artistes get involved in the back­ground aspects of music such as judg­ing com­pe­ti­tions and writ­ing songs. What about you?

Well my back­ground aspect coin­cides with one of my proud­est achieve­ments in life. I started my very own record­ing stu­dio. The best part about doing this was watch­ing it start from noth­ing and become one of the top stu­dios in Bar­ba­dos. So from being men­tored by and look­ing up to some of the great­est calyp­so­ni­ans, I now have them com­ing into my stu­dio to record tracks.Taken from last​.fm

Okay Blood stop impress­ing us already!

I’ll try. I’ll try. [Laughs]

What about life out­side of music?

As cliché as this seems, I also had a few act­ing gigs. I have per­formed in “T-​Jean and his Broth­ers”, “Red Car­na­tion”, “Going for Love”, “Sobie” and “Mac­beth”. I’m also one of the Direc­tors of SAYGE The­atre Com­pany. Taken from Caribbean Dreams Magazine

I thought I said to stop impress­ing us! [Laughs]

I tried, I really did, [Laughs]

© Arti­cle of Caribbean Dreams Mag­a­zine
© Photo from faluma​.com

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