Activ­i­ties for Kids: What’s great for kids to do in Barbados?

When choos­ing a des­ti­na­tion to travel to with a fam­ily, you of course have to think about if the coun­try will have decent activ­i­ties for your chil­dren. Not activ­i­ties that they can eas­ily do at home, but some­thing dif­fer­ent that they can enjoy so they can take home sto­ries and tell their friends. Even if you’re a local, some­times you’re look­ing for some­thing great for and with your kids on a week­end for them to relax after a long week at school. Bar­ba­dos has many, many activ­i­ties for chil­dren so no more headaches won­der­ing what fun filled activ­ity to do next.

Ø Go to the Beach

So many beaches, so lit­tle time. Bar­ba­dos pos­sesses some of the most beau­ti­ful beaches in the Caribbean so make sure that before you leave that you visit a few. The west coast beaches tend to be much calmer so these are most ideal for kids. The beach is great for chil­dren as they can always find some­thing do: build sand­cas­tles, swim, pic­nic, you name it.

Beach and kids

Ø Atlantis Adventure

This will not only expose your chil­dren to under­wa­ter life like they have never seen before, but it is sure to be a totally unfor­get­table expe­ri­ence. It’s the clos­est you can get to the fish with­out snorkelling so no need to worry about get­ting wet and hav­ing to clean them up afterwards.

submarine and kids

Ø Welch­man Hall Gully & Trop­i­cal Forest

Explor­ing this great trop­i­cal for­est will leave your kids fas­ci­nated at the trop­i­cal plants, rock for­ma­tions and caves on view. There are benches in the for­est where per­sons can sit and relax and maybe have a pic­nic. And, get your cam­era ready because you are sure to spot a Bar­ba­dos Green Mon­key run­ning around!

welchman hall and kid

Ø Harrison’s Cave

Speak­ing of caves, the plethora of sta­lac­tites and sta­lag­mites on view is sure to cap­ture you’re children’s imag­i­na­tion. The will be able to explore the cave in elec­tronic trams and be up close and per­sonal with the nat­ural beauty of the caves.
cave and kid

Ø Minia­ture Golf

At almost every minia­ture golf course you are sure to see a fam­ily with many kids play­ing and hav­ing fun. That’s because mini golf is an activ­ity that allows the chil­dren to really enjoy and flex their com­pet­i­tive mus­cles and maybe even see if they can beat their par­ents at something!

Ø Jolly Roger Adventure

Visit Barbados’s very own pirate ship and your kids can enjoy the adven­ture of a life­time. Chil­dren can swim with the tur­tles, be enter­tained by the ship’s cap­tain and ship­mates, jump off the rope swing or walk the plank. Don’t worry adults, you can try this too!

jolly and kid

Ø Island Safari

Spend an entire day rid­ing around at the back of an open back 4×4 land rover and see the island like no one has ever shown you before. The Rovers are very com­fort­able and the tours are a lot of fun so there is no risk of your chil­dren get­ting bored. There is also the option of a Land & Sea Safari.

island safari and kid

Ø Cata­ma­ran Cruises

Bar­ba­dos has a wide range of Cata­ma­ran ser­vices so there is no short­age to choose from here. This activ­ity will guar­an­tee a day of fun and sun for the whole family.

Ø Ani­mal Flower Cave

Located to the north of the island, this cave offers awe­some views of the coastal scenery, but its main attrac­tion is the sea anemones that can often be seen in the cave. If you visit the island in Feb­ru­ary or March, you may be able to see whales pass­ing in the coast below.

animal flower cave

Ø Snorkelling and Swim­ming with the turtles

Maybe after trav­el­ling on the Atlantis Sub­ma­rine your kids have decided they want to see all the under­wa­ter life closer. This is no prob­lem. There are many child-​friendly dive shops on the island and as long as they can swim, they will be able to get up close and per­sonal with the under­wa­ter life in Barbados.

Ø The Boatyard

This is very pop­u­lar with tour­ing and local fam­i­lies. Expe­ri­ence a wide range of water sport activ­i­ties includ­ing swim­ming from the rope, the glass bot­tom boat expe­ri­ence and jet ski­ing (if avail­able) at this water sport haven.

Ø The Bar­ba­dos Con­corde Experience

What child doesn’t want to fly a plane? This expe­ri­ence is ideal for those chil­dren who wish to live out this fan­tasy (vir­tu­ally of course). Chil­dren absolutely love the Bar­ba­dos Con­corde Expe­ri­ence so make sure to head up Christ Church while you are in Bar­ba­dos so that your chil­dren can expe­ri­ence this once in a life­time opportunity.

There­fore, as you can see, Bar­ba­dos is a child’s very own par­adise. No need to worry about not find­ing enough for them to do and enjoy while on vaca­tion because there is no short­age of things to do. And the best part is that you the par­ent get to enjoy every sec­ond of their lit­tle adven­ture with them!

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