Explor­ing the Caves of Barbados

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Explor­ing the Caves of Barbados

Bar­ba­dos has three major caves usu­ally explored by locals and tourists. These are the ever pop­u­lar Harrison’s Cave, Ani­mal Flower Cave and Coles Cave. This arti­cle will pro­vide brief details about these caves, fol­lowed by details on how you can explore them.

Harrison’s Cave

Harrisons Cave

One of the high­est ranked attrac­tions in Bar­ba­dos, Harrison’s Cave, located in Welch­man Hall St. Thomas is usu­ally explored via the use of an elec­tric tram. There­fore, you will be com­pletely com­fort­able as you expe­ri­ence the bub­bling streams, deep pools, over­head sta­lac­tites, and the sta­lag­mites that rise from the floor. They offer var­i­ous tours includ­ing the Tram Tour, Walk-​In Cave Tour and the Eco Adven­ture Tour and can be booked directly from their web­site. Visit http://​www​.har​rison​scave​.com/ or call 4173700 for more infor­ma­tion about these and other tours of the Cave cur­rently available.

Ani­mal Flower Cave
Animal Flower Cave 2

Ani­mal Flower Cave is located in the parish of St. Lucy. The name derives from the numer­ous sea anemones that fre­quented the pools of the cave, how­ever, such ani­mals tend to be rarely seen now. When the tide is calm, you can rake a swim in the nat­ural rock pools in the cave, so it is a more hands on expe­ri­ence than Harrison’s Cave. The view from the cave is amaz­ing and you can also hike along the cliff trails around the cave. At cer­tain times dur­ing the year, you can also spot hump­back whales from the cliff tops at the Ani­mal Flower Cave. The Cave is open for explo­ration between 9am and 4:30pm every day except for Christ­mas Day and Kadoo­ment Day. For more infor­ma­tion on book­ing a tour, call 4398797.

Coles Cave

Coles Cave

Coles cave, located in St. Thomas, is the least pop­u­lar of the three, as it isn’t as eas­ily explored as the oth­ers due to the steep, nar­row entrances and poten­tial for flood­ing. It is a more hands on expe­ri­ence than the other three as there will be plenty of climb­ing, crawl­ing and at times swim­ming in order to explore the ter­rain of the cave. It is also nat­ural habi­tat for bats, spi­ders and insects. This cave is best explored with a pro­fes­sional guide, who will charge their own fee (this cave does not have a spe­cial entrance fee like the other two).

Addi­tion­ally, Bar­ba­dos has many blow holes scat­tered across the shore­lines of the North and East Coats. At these loca­tions, the waves have cre­ated saw tooth cliffs and carved out sea caves. There­fore, when the ocean splashes into the caves, pres­sure is released in an explo­sion of water and spray. The most pop­u­lar of these blow­holes is found in Lit­tle Bay in Christ Church.

Cave Explor­ers in Barbados

As stated pre­vi­ously, Harrison’s Cave and Ani­mal Flower Cave can be con­tacted directly in order to book a tour. How­ever, the same can­not be said for Coles Cave and other mini caves across the island. The list below pro­vides details on those places that do cave tours and explo­ration. Rates vary for each.

§ Bar­ba­dos Cav­ing & Hik­ing Tours – Tel: 2413821

§ Hike Explor­ers Bar­ba­dos – Tel: 2328872

§ Glory Tours (Ani­mal Flower Cave tour part of Nature Lovers tour pack­age) – Tel: 2312932

§ Sweet Bar­ba­dos Island Tours –Tel: 2333917

§ Trekkers Hike & Cave Adven­tures – Tel: 4338966

§ Arbib Nature & Her­itage Trails – Tel: 2349010

There­fore, con­tact any of the places above to book the ulti­mate nat­ural expe­ri­ence in Bar­ba­dos. Whether you choose the more com­fort­able tour of Harrison’s Cave or the hands on, elbow and knees expe­ri­ence of the Coles Cave, the expe­ri­ence will stay with you for a lifetime.

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