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Wine and FoodThe Food & Wine and Rum Festival

Usu­ally span­ning 4 days in the month of Novem­ber, this world class fes­ti­val has been hosted by Bar­ba­dos since Novem­ber 2010. It gives per­sons, locals and tourists alike, the oppor­tu­nity to taste the deli­cious cui­sine pre­pared by a num­ber of celebrity chefs (local and inter­na­tional) and also sam­ple some exquis­ite wines show­cased by experts in the field. Some of the more pop­u­lar chefs to have par­tic­i­pated at the most recent fes­ti­val are Chef Tyler Flo­rence and Chef Anne Bur­rell who have show­cased their tal­ents on the Food Net­work, and Chef Mar­cus Samuels­son who par­tic­i­pated in the prepa­ra­tion of the first state din­ner of Pres­i­dent Barack Obama in 2009.This culi­nary fes­ti­val aims to pro­vide the best and most com­ple­men­tary pairs of food, wine, other drinks and enter­tain­ment. The chefs and experts at the var­i­ous sem­i­nars at the Food & Wine and Rum fes­ti­val high­light that the best com­bi­na­tion of food and wine is more than match­ing the colour of the meat to the colour of the wine. One must know how to iden­tify dis­tinct fla­vors and ascer­tain what aspects in the food com­ple­ment spe­cific wines. Not only does the fes­ti­val pro­vide the oppor­tu­nity for per­sons to sam­ple some of the best dishes pre­pared by the best chefs, but per­sons can also watch the chefs dis­play their skills at some of the best hotels and restau­rants across the island, includ­ing the Cliff restau­rant and the Hilton Resort.

With regards to the wine aspect of the fes­ti­val, sem­i­nars are led by the most renowned experts in the field. And of course, the best way to learn about wine is to sam­ple it repeat­edly! Mean­while, rum has been an inte­gral aspect of Bar­ba­dian cul­ture and his­tory for over 350 years. There­fore, it is fit­ting that an aspect of this lovely culi­nary show­case be a tour of the island’s leg­endary rum dis­til­leries to learn of their his­tory. Bar­ba­dian rum has a rep­u­ta­tion as some of the best, finest, silki­est rum any­where in the world. So, per­sons who attend are invited to sam­ple, sam­ple and sam­ple some more!

Addi­tion­ally, the fes­ti­val is not only about tast­ing great food, wine and rum. There are inter­ac­tive ses­sions allow­ing for ques­tions to the experts, and oppor­tu­ni­ties to pur­chase books from the chefs.

The events at the fes­ti­val are as follows:

· Cook­ing demon­stra­tions
· Wine and cham­pagne tast­ing
· Rum tast­ing
· Par­ties
· Rum trails
· Sem­i­nars
· Show­cases
· Com­mu­nity events
· Food trails (first offered at the 2014 Festival)

One attendee at the 4th annual Food & Wine and Rum fes­ti­val, Emma Lia­sides wrote an arti­cle in Jan­u­ary 2014 about her expe­ri­ence. She noted how the fes­ti­val is a reflec­tion of the impor­tance of food, fine wine and rum to the island and one “can’t help but get swept up in the island’s proud pas­sion…” The same arti­cle fea­tured an excerpt from a brief inter­view with one of the chefs, Mar­cus Samuels­son of New York. Mr. Samuels­son stated that every year the fes­ti­val exceeds his expec­ta­tions as it gets bet­ter and bet­ter. When asked what he liked most about Bar­ba­dos he said the peo­ple and the food cul­ture. “Bar­ba­dos has such a unique mix of peo­ple and food that it is hard not to feel at home”, he said.

The Food & Wine and Rum fes­ti­val is a culi­nary mas­ter class not to be missed. Whether you come for the food, the drinks or just the expe­ri­ence of being sur­rounded by world class chefs, it is an expe­ri­ence of a life­time held right here on the sandy shores of Bar­ba­dos.

This years fes­ti­vals con­sists of chefs -
Mar­cus Samuels­son — Celebrity Chef & Restau­ra­teur
Carla Hall — Celebrity CHef, Author and TV Per­son­al­ity
Andrew Pern — Miche­lin Chef & Arthor
Duayne Hol­li­gan — Exec­u­tive Chef
Craig Hard­ing — Chef & Restau­ra­teur
Chris Cosentino — Celebrity Chef

For more infor­ma­tion on the last or the upcom­ing fes­ti­val visit www​.food​winerum​.com

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