10 Things Every Bajan Girl Needs In Her Closet

10 Things Every Bajan Girl Needs in her Closet

Any woman would tell you, her closet com­prises some of her most prized pos­ses­sions. Each col­lec­tion of a closet may vary, as some per­sons’ clos­ets just have clothes, while oth­ers have spa­cious room clos­ets com­pris­ing of shoes, clothes and acces­sories. For Bajan girls, there are some things that are an absolute must. We sat down with three young Bajan women and got their take on 10 things that every Bajan girl needs in her closet.

Per­spec­tive #1

  • Black jeans
  • Blue jeans
  • Lit­tle black dress

These are all very ver­sa­tile. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

  • Black heels – these too are very ver­sa­tile as they can wear to the office, church or to a nice din­ner.
  • Ver­sa­tile clutch – a lady should always own a nice clutch bag. Can be use­ful for church or a for­mal din­ner
  • Nude heels – nude heels can wear with almost any­thing.
  • Proper under­gar­ments – this is an absolute neces­sity. Bras make the breasts the right amount of perky, panty lines through clothes are not cute and petti­coats can save lives. Also, tummy tuckers can hide that excess belly fat. essentials
  • Inter­view suit/​business out­fit - The right out­fit for an inter­view is a good start towards get­ting the job.
  • For­mal dress - Also, dresses are very use­ful since there’s always a formalevent that has to be attended at some point.
  • Make–up - A hint of makeup makes you go from bleh to wow and a lit­tle bit of lip­stick bright­ens things, lit­er­ally.

Per­spec­tive #2

  • Jeans – jeans are so ver­sa­tile they’re a neces­sity. Can be worn from any­thing rang­ing from casualto ele­gantly casual.
  • Maxi dress – per­fect for those occa­sions where you need more for­mal wear such a din­ner, a gala or some form of cer­e­mony.
  • A nice work dress/​outfit – def­i­nitely need one of if not a few of these. Impor­tant to dress nicely for work, and also for inter­views.
  • Pair of heels – a pair of nice heels is impor­tant. Actu­ally maybe a few pairs so that you can have a few for work, church or any for­mal event.
  • A pair of nice flats – Heels aren’t every­thing. For me, I def­i­nitely need some flats espe­cially if I need to go some­where where I will do a lot of stand­ing and/​or walk­ing.
  • Proper Under­gar­ments – def­i­nitely the most impor­tant since every good out­fit starts with this. Wear­ing an awe­some dress with the worse type of panty or bra beneath is just a no no.
  • Bags for every occa­sion – Another def­i­nite neces­sity. A lady shouldalways have a decent col­lec­tion of bags for every occa­sion.
  • bags
  • Swimwear - we live in the Caribbean! Def­i­nitely must have some­thing to wear to the beach!
  • Jacket/​coat – I tend to get chilly eas­ily, espe­cially in AC, so I like to have a nice jacket or coat in my closet when nec­es­sary.
  • Church out­fits – for me, it’s a must. Espe­cially if you attend church every Sun­day. Also, these out­fits come in handy for funer­als and other church events.

Per­spec­tive #3

  • Safety Pins – Use­ful emer­gency fix­ers. Who doesn’t have that pesky shirt gap every now and then?
  • Camisoles – helps keep you cov­ered.
  • Black dress – every­thing black is ele­gant and diverse and can be used for vary­ing out­ings.
  • Hair pins – keeps hair in place in case it falls out.
  • Black lin­gerie – cov­ers you quite nicely.
  • Black heels – this is aneces­sity since theymatch with almost every­thing.
  • Lip stick – every girl needs some form of make up in her closet. Some don’t like mas­cara and founda­tion, so a nice lip­stick is must have addi­tion to any closet.
  • Pads – for the obvi­ous rea­son
  • Diary – every once and a while, one needs to vent from time to time :).
  • Under­gar­ments – well duh!

Thus, it is evi­dent that there are a rangeof opin­ions of what should be the 10 things that every Bajan girl needs in her closet. How­ever, vir­tu­ally some­thing black is a com­mon choice. Def­i­nitely though, good under­gar­ments are an absolute neces­sity for women to com­pli­ment that per­fect outfit.

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