Knock Knock Movie Review

Syn­op­sis: When two young women show up on his doorstep on a rainy night, fam­ily man Evan plays a good Samar­i­tan and helps them out. Lit­tle did he know that his wild night of sex­ual ful­fill­ment would turn into some­thing beyond his worst nightmare.

There are fan­tas­tic thrillers, there are good thrillers, there are bad thrillers…and then there’s this. Knock Knock is by far the worst I have ever seen. The act­ing was very much sub­par and none of the char­ac­ters were remotely believ­able. But the killer (quite lit­er­ally) was the plot, which was very sham­bolic.

It is 2016 (2015 when the movie pre­miered). Are we still sup­posed to believe that peo­ple let strange per­sons into their house? But appar­ently if they don’t look too dan­ger­ous and the lead­ing man feels he can take them then it’s okay. (I’m sorry but this is a pet peeve of mine. I do not get why writ­ers can­not come up with more believ­able sto­ry­lines). Evan quickly notices that these girls are quite flirty and almost every con­ver­sa­tion leads down the line of sex. To his credit, when they started get­ting too close and touchy feely, he did try to dis­tance him­self from it and kept shift­ing his position.

So I want to get com­fort­able with hav­ing three­somes now because I know that’s the only way he’ll never cheat on me. – Belle

Evan Laughs: Wow.

My sen­ti­ments exactly. Maybe Evan kept shift­ing his posi­tion because he could smell the stench of horni­ness on them.

It has been a few hours since I watched the movie and sat down to write this review, but I still can­not fig­ure these girls out. Maybe it is a com­bi­na­tion of lack of insight into why they’re doing what they’re doing (the most we get is that it’s a game for them, but the ques­tion of why this par­tic­u­lar game still remained unan­swered) and their ani­mal­is­tic, car­nal behav­ior. What­ever it is, these are two char­ac­ters I just don’t get. We know in this day, every­one does the occa­sional hook up. But this far sur­passed a casual hook up. They spied on Evan, tar­geted him, seduced him, wrecked his home, killed (acci­den­tally) his wife’s busi­ness asso­ciate, and ruined his rep­u­ta­tion by post­ing one of the sex videos to his Face­book page. But why this elab­o­rate scheme? Why go through all this trou­ble of lit­er­ally destroy­ing the life of a man you barely know? It was all very con­fus­ing. Sorry let me rephrase; it was all quite CRAZY. In fact, that is how I would prob­a­bly describe this movie in gen­eral. 99 min­utes of total crazi­ness. These girls show up at a stranger’s house, seduce him into a three­some and just pro­ceed to wreck his life. Not to men­tion the sick lie they told him about being under­age and threat­en­ing to get him sent to jail for statu­tory rape.

Now about Evan. Evan Evan Evan. Who engages in a wild three­some (unpro­tected I might add given the innu­en­does by Belle and Gen­e­sis that they could be car­ry­ing his 3rd and 4th chil­dren) with two ran­dom girls the night his wife is away? There were more things about his char­ac­ter that were baf­fling. He con­stantly told Belle and Gen­e­sis how much he loved his fam­ily and he was a good father and hus­band. But Gen­e­sis coolly reminded him in the first of three com­pelling quotes at the back end of the movie:

So why didn’t you think of them when you were inside us?

The girl has a point. We know from the begin­ning of the movie that appar­ently he and his wife haven’t had sex in three weeks. But still…STILL. If you’re hap­pily mar­ried why you are going to engage in a wild night of pas­sion in you and your wife’s bed with two women you don’t know? I felt for him a bit because he lit­er­ally had to sit by and watch what is mis­take was cost­ing him. He had to watch his wife’s work get destroyed, a friend killed and had to have sex with Belle (he was tied up) while she was wear­ing his daughter’s uni­form. But then, Evan destroyed all sym­pa­thy I had for him with his dis­gust­ing speech at the end com­par­ing their seduc­tion as “free pizza” and “what was he sup­posed to do”. How about throw­ing the two skinny girls out of your home Evan! A grown man like him should have been able to “take them” as he put it at the begin­ning of the movie. Yes, he tried to resist the temp­ta­tion even when they appeared in his bath­room naked but he still let them per­form oral on him and from there they pro­gressed to the three­some in the bathroom…on the bed…and on the wall. At no point did he resist and say no. Why? Because he wanted it. And that’s the thing about hav­ing free will. We always have a choice. Evan him­self said some­thing sim­i­lar at the begin­ning of the movie:

I’m an archi­tect. So obvi­ously I believe things hap­pen by your own desire.

Hon­estly, the lit­tle insight­ful quotes here and there were the best part of this ridicu­lous and poor movie, most notably the poignant ones deliv­ered at the end:

You know what, for a moment, I thought you were the one who’d say no. – Belle

You know what’s funny, they never say no. No mat­ter who they are. No mat­ter how much they love their fam­i­lies. You’re all the same. — Genesis.

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