Crim­son Peak Movie Review

Crimson peak

Syn­op­sis:After being swept off her feet by a mys­te­ri­ous vis­i­tor to her town, a young woman soon real­izes that her new suitor and his sis­ter have a dark past.

This movie was a pleas­antly intrigu­ing watch. Usu­ally, I find movies set in medieval times to be bit of a drag, but this one kept my atten­tion through­out. From the begin­ning, as we got to know the main char­ac­ters of the movie, it was always inter­est­ing to see how the plot, along with their respec­tive char­ac­ters, would evolve.

The audi­ence is intro­duced to the char­ac­ter of Edith, who imme­di­ately, seems dif­fer­ent from the other women in her town. She appears strong and inde­pen­dent, and more focused on advanc­ing her career as a writer, rather than get­ting caught up in all the social activ­i­ties around her. How­ever, from the moment she is swept off her feet by Thomas, it was evi­dent that most of who she was dis­ap­peared. After her father’s untimely death, she mar­ries Thomas, uproots her life and moves to Eng­land with him, maybe in an effort to hang on to the only love she had left in her life. How­ever, the move seemed to be the com­plete oppo­site of who the writ­ers por­trayed her to be for the first 40 min­utes of the movie, as she went from a self-​sufficient woman to a naïve lit­tle girl. There is no men­tion of her writ­ing, or exhibit­ing that inde­pen­dence she did ear­lier in the movie. Whether this was neglected by the writ­ers, or whether it was used to show the effect Sir Thomas Sharpe had on the ladies (or the impact of grief on a per­son), we will never know.

Thomas on the other hand was prob­a­bly the most intrigu­ing char­ac­ter on Crim­son Peak. Mas­sively dis­trusted by Edith’s father and old­est friend, Dr. Alan Michael, it was evi­dent there was more to this hand­some stranger. It was inter­est­ing watch­ing his char­ac­ter develop, as it wasn’t clear whether he was some­one to trust or dis­trust, like or dis­like, or if he was a vil­lain or hero. Although he and his sis­ter plot­ted to rob and mur­der his wives for money in order to fur­ther their clay extrac­tion project, he was prob­a­bly the lesser of the two evils between him and his sis­ter Lucille. crimson-peak-10-1500x8441What was clear amidst the murk­i­ness of Thomas’s char­ac­ter was that he obvi­ously loved Edith and did not want his sis­ter to do her harm. His love was demon­strated by the fact that he decided not to kill Alan Michael and he sac­ri­ficed him­self to help Edith escape from Lucille.

n the sub­ject of Alan, his char­ac­ter was very admirable. His love for Edith was also as plain as day (even to Edith) and while it would have been easy for him to let go of her after she mar­ried Thomas and moved away, he kept fol­low­ing his instinct and inves­ti­gated the Sharpes (which Edith’s father had started to do before his mur­der), even­tu­ally trav­el­ling across the world to res­cue her.

Lucille was the more obvi­ous vil­lain of the piece (between her and Thomas). When­ever Thomas’ feel­ings for Edith caused him to waver from the plan, she would always be all too will­ing to steer him back on track. Crimson Peak-LucilleWhile for Thomas, it was evi­dent that it was all about the money for him, for Lucille, she may have been dri­ven to elim­i­nate any­one who stood between them. It was glar­ingly evi­dent (again whether this was inten­tional on the part of the writ­ers or not can be up for debate) that there was more to her rela­tion­ship with Thomas than mere sib­ling love, and as even­tu­ally revealed to Edith and the audi­ence, their “inti­mate” rela­tion­ship as brother and sis­ter crossed a line that should not be crossed. It is this love-​bordering-​on-​obsession with Thomas that leads me to believe she con­trived of the plot to kill his wives for money.

How­ever, despite the intrigu­ing char­ac­ters in the movie, there was one glar­ing plot­hole that was not addressed. At the begin­ning of the movie, Edith’s dead mother’s ghost appears to her says “My child, when the time comes, beware of Crim­son Peak”.
But how did she know to warn Edith about it? Why that par­tic­u­lar warn­ing and not a warn­ing about Thomas and Lucille? It was some­thing that was never addressed by the writ­ers and essen­tially ren­dered that entire scene insignificant.

All in all, Crim­son Peak was a movie that will hold your atten­tion. I would not nec­es­sar­ily class it as a hor­ror (despite some hugely dis­turb­ing appear­ances by ghosts and women cov­ered in blood), it is the type of movie that although you wouldn’t watch it twice, you would not be dis­ap­pointed watch­ing it the first time. Over­all Movie Rat­ing 610

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