Bajan Superstitions

There are so many super­sti­tions that exist world­wide, largely unique in their own land­scape based on cul­ture. This arti­cle will take a look at the super­sti­tions of Bar­ba­dos, sur­round­ing cat­e­gories such as Easter and Children.

Good Friday/​Easter
  • No sea bathing on Good Fri­day – this is one of the super­sti­tions sur­round­ing the Easter Tra­di­tion, as many believe Good Fri­day is a time of death.
  • Egg in a Glass – plac­ing an egg in a glass of water, will cause the shape of the cross to form (on Good Friday).
  • Physic Nut Tree – bruis­ing of a physic nut tree (also known as the Bar­ba­dos nut tree) at Noon on Good Fri­day, is said to cause the tree to bleed much in the same way that Christ bled on the cross. The tree usu­ally pro­duces white sap, but it is said that on this day, it will bleed red instead of white sap.

  • Crossed legs – preg­nant women should not sit with their legs crossed. This is said to cause the baby to mimic her move­ment, caus­ing issues in delivery.
  • No ceme­tery vis­its – if you go to a ceme­tery, it will cause the child to be born with some form of disability.
  • Sat­isfy all crav­ings – if a preg­nant woman’s crav­ings are not sat­is­fied, this will cause the shape of what she craves to be shown on the baby.
  • Eyes of the fish – you should not punch out the eyes of a fish while preg­nant, as the baby will be born blind as was result.


  • Bird Bless­ings – if bird drop­pings fall on you, you can expect good luck. superstitions-about-birds1
  • Cock crow – if a cock crows before mid­night, it is warn­ing the res­i­dents of the house it belongs to that death is com­ing. Also, if a cock points its head towards a house and crows, then a vis­i­tor is com­ing; if it crows with its head point­ing away from the house, then some­one will die.
  • Cack­ling hens – a group of hens cack­ling at the same time, is a sign that some­one will die soon.
  • The pigeon coo – if a pigeon coos on a roof, then an occu­pant of that house will die. If it coos at night, some­one in the com­mu­nity will die.
  • Small chil­dren – should not be lifted through win­dows, or they will grow up to become thieves, nor should they be lifted by one arm as it would cause ear infections.
  • Tick­ling babies – if this is done before they can speak, they will develop a stammer.
  • Hair­cuts – if a baby boy gets a hair­cut before he speaks, it will delay his talking.
  • Over­step­ping Babies – stunts the growth of the baby.
  • Loos­ing teeth – if a child loses a tooth, then some­one should throw the tooth on the roof, to guar­an­tee that a new tooth will grow.
  • Nap­ping – plac­ing a bible near to a sleep­ing child will keep the spir­its away.
  • Appear­ances – it is good luck for a boy to look like his mother, and a girl to look like her father.


  • Noisy crick­ets – sig­ni­fies that the owner of the house it enters will come into money. This cricket should not be killed. 20-unbelievable-european-superstitions-that-would-baffle-you-21
  • Grasshop­pers – brown grasshop­pers sym­bol­ize good luck, green sym­bol­izes bad luck and must not be allowed to enter the house.
  • Lady­birds – if a lady­bird lands on someone’s clothes, then new clothes will be forthcoming.
  • Money fly – if this enters a house, is a sign that the occu­pants will come into money. If you kill it, you are said to be shoo­ing money out of your house.


  • Rings – young women should not wear rings on the left hand before mar­riage, as this lim­its their chances of future marriage.
  • Wed­ding dress – the groom should not see the bride on their wed­ding day, a bride should never make her own dress, and only the bride should wear black at a wedding.
  • Wed­ding date – wed­ding should never take place on a Fri­day.

  • Sit­ting on a wet or hot sur­face will cause a stom­ach ache. Feet should have a cool­ing off period, before walk­ing on a wet ground, as this can also cause stom­ach ache.itchypalms1
  • Females should not let any­one else touch their hair, as this will cause it to fall out.
  • Itchy palms sig­nify that the per­son will come into money soon.
  • Cob­webs on face indi­cates some­one in the fam­ily will die.
  • It is said that if you sneeze, some­one has men­tioned your name in a conversation

1. Do not start the day unless you read your horo­scope to find out what lies ahead.
2. If you expe­ri­ence bad luck, enter the sea back­wards or throw a pinch of salt over both shoulders.
3. Open­ing an umbrella indoors will release evil spirits.
4. Point­ing at the head­stone of a grave will cause fin­gers will fall off.
It is evi­dent that Bar­ba­di­ans tend to get very super­sti­tious regard­ing some issues. How­ever, it is all up to the indi­vid­ual to choose what to believe, and when to believe it.

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