Hair­styles to Suit Your Face Shape

Choos­ing the right hair­style for your face is a very impor­tant task. Your hair­dresser can give you the lat­est hairdo, but on the wrong face, it can be noth­ing short of a dis­as­ter. The ideal hair­style is one that min­i­mizes the dis­pleas­ing aspects of your face and high­lights the pos­i­tive ones, and every woman should aim for this balance.

Deter­min­ing Your Face Shape

In order to deter­mine the ideal hair­style or cut for your face shape, you first have to know what your face shape is. Start by com­par­ing your face to the fol­low­ing images and descrip­tions below, so that you have a clear idea of what your true face shape is.


Ideal Hair­styles for Each Face Shape
· Oval Shaped

The oval shaped face is con­sid­ered to be the per­fect face shape, which nat­u­rally means that the amount of hair­styles you can try are vir­tu­ally end­less. The one rule of thumb how­ever is to avoid styles that bring too much hair onto your face, as this will cover your per­fect face shape, or those styles with extra height as they can make the face appear long.

· Long Shaped

The best hair­styles for this shape are those that add width to your face, such as shoul­der length hair cuts. Avoid cen­ter part­ing and hair­styles that add height, because this can make the face appear longer. Medium to long hair with waves and curls are also good for long faced individuals.

· Round Shaped

High updos are great for this face shape as they add height to both the hair and the face, mak­ing the face appear nar­rower than it is. Avoid chin length bob cuts, side parts and short curly or wavy hair. Hair­styles with mid­dle parts can also cre­ate an illu­sion of a nar­row length and styles with side swept bangs suit this face shape well.

Square Shaped

Hair­styles with waves and curves around the jaw, can help dis­tract from the angu­lar jaw­line of the square face. Bangs swept to one side will also min­i­mize the square shape of the face. Avoid blunt chin length bob styles, as these can accen­tu­ate the squareness.

· Heart Shaped

Short bobs, with curly or wavy hair, and lay­ers just under the cheek­bones to cre­ate width at the nar­row jaw­line is ideal for the heart shaped face. Avoid those styles that add height, because the trick with this type of face is hav­ing a style that adds vol­ume to the jaw­line area.

Dia­mond Shaped

Try any hair­style that adds width at the chin area such as chin length bobs. Addi­tion­ally, those styles that have hair tucked behind the ear tend to accen­tu­ate the amaz­ing cheek bones that dia­mond faces have. Avoid short hair­styles with height on top and those that leave no hair on the neck or chin area.

While the list of styles pre­sented here is not exhaus­tive, they pro­vide a guide on the dif­fer­ent styles, and those you should avoid. Remem­ber, it is not about the lat­est, trendi­est hair­style, but rather the hair­style that suits your face, and accen­tu­ates your beauty.

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