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In the Caribbean, going to the beach is one of the top activ­i­ties, espe­cially in Bar­ba­dos, the ideal sun, sea and sand loca­tion. How­ever, it can be a bit of a brain buster as to what to eat while loung­ing in the sun with that great book, or after you have taken that refresh­ing sea bath. There is also the issue of wind and sand, as sand tends to get every­where when you are at the beach. Pre­sented in this arti­cle are some of the best food ideas and some of the key things that you will need for a food friendly day at the beach.

Food Ideas for the Per­fect Beach Day

There is one gen­eral rule of thumb when pack­ing food for the beach. As long as it can­not be eaten with your bare hands, it is out. Eat­ing with uten­sils on the beach can be a nui­sance, espe­cially with sand and wind every­where. Imag­ine the wind blow­ing a plas­tic plate at every turn and blow­ing sand on the food as well. There­fore, here are some of the best foods that you can take with you on the beach:

grilled-chicken-caesar-wrap Wraps– wraps are a great alter­na­tive to sand­wiches at the beach, as they allow you to have all your fill­ings, condi­ments and meats tucked away on the inside, away from the sand. They are also eas­ier to eat on the beach, as you eat with one hand. How­ever, you should avoid wraps with may­on­naise as they can spoil in the heat.

Fried Chicken
easy to eat with­out hav­ing a mouth­ful of sand as an acci­den­tal gar­nish (pro­vided you keep the con­tainer well covered).
fruits Fruit – specif­i­cally whole fruit such as apples, grapes, peaches etc., to avoid hav­ing to dip in and out of a bowl to eat cut fruit.
Cook­ies and Brown­ies – another sim­ple fin­ger food espe­cially to sat­isfy those crav­ings that ulti­mately come from a day out at the beach. These are also a great alter­na­tive to frosted cake, from which the frost­ing tends to melt in the beach heat.
Photo- Breakfast Pastries1 Muffins and other pas­tries – Pas­tries are also a great fin­ger food for the beach as they, like all the other foods on this list, can be eaten with one hand and are per­fect to cure the munchies
Trail mix, Gra­nola, Dried Fruits and Nuts – these are not only deli­cious, but can help you refuel from the drain­ing effects of the heat. Ide­ally, snacks such as these should be pack­aged in small re-​sealable plas­tic bags.

Key Neces­si­ties

  • Take some bot­tled water (prefer­ably frozen). Espe­cially on a hot day, you will def­i­nitely need some­thing to stay cool.
  • Pack hand wipes to keep the hands clean after eat­ing, as some­times wash­ing with the sea water can leave hands quite sticky.
  • Cooler for drinks – by the time you are ready to eat and have a drink, the heat from the sun will prob­a­bly have made the drinks hot and in a less than ideal con­di­tion to drink. There­fore, pack­ing a portable cooler is nec­es­sary to keep those drinks (and pos­si­bly fruits) nice and chilled.
  • Bot­tle opener (if necessary)
  • Umbrella – no one wants to eat their food in the hot sun so an umbrella is use­ful to pro­vide some shade while you eat.
  • Table­cloth – to place the food on, and to pro­vide a bar­rier between the sand and your food.

By ensur­ing that you have the per­fect blend of food and drinks, along with the key neces­si­ties, you will enjoy a fun and stress free day out at the beach, with­out wor­ry­ing about how you will sat­isfy your cravings.

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