Lim­ing: What on Earth is It?

Lim­ing is one of the most pop­u­lar pas­times in the world. While many flock to the movies, fetes and par­ties, lim­ing remains an age old tra­di­tion that never goes out of style. But what exactly is lim­ing? The Urban dic­tio­nary defines it as

The con­cept of lim­ing encom­passes any leisure activ­ity entail­ing the shar­ing of food and drink, the exchange of tall sto­ries, jokes and anec­dotes etc., pro­vided the activ­ity has no explicit pur­pose beyond itself.

While this seems a per­fectly ade­quate def­i­n­i­tion, what do Bajans think lim­ing is? In this arti­cle we present var­i­ous opin­ions on what con­sti­tutes lim­ing, and some Bajans’ favorite ways to lime.

What do you think is liming/​what con­sti­tutes liming?

Lim­ing for me is just chill­ing and talk­ing with maybe a cou­ple drinks and eats. Some­place not too heavy on the music. Because from the time it hits music DJs and entry fee then it becomes a fête. Corey Corey
Lim­ing is spend­ing time with peo­ple indoors or out­doors, or enjoy­ing any activ­ity together. It is doing some­thing dif­fer­ent from the day to day rou­tine of life and it’s a stress reliever. Lisa
I feel lim­ing con­sti­tutes a low energy, low cost envi­ron­ment with a mod­er­ate group and a relax­ing atmos­phere. Kemar
Lim­ing for me involves just hang­ing out with friends (drinks/​food optional) and enjoy­ing each other’s com­pany in an extra relaxed envi­ron­ment, where you could let loose end talk about any­thing and not have a care in the world. Kathy
I would say lim­ing is any kind of social gath­er­ing among a small to mod­er­ate group of friends. Andrew Andrew
Talk­ing, eat­ing, laugh­ing, being care­free, putting one’s issues aside for a while.… Try­ing to not get arrested. Rhea
I would say chill­ing in any envi­ron­ment among friends, fam­ily or any­one. Randy
What in your opin­ion is the best way to lime?

Make sure you have the 4 Fs: Food, Friends, Fun and Fer­mented bev­er­ages. Noth­ing beats a chill after­noon after work with a cou­ple of friends to have some laughs and some light food to keep every­one happy. Kemar

Depends on preference…but def­i­nitely at the beach. Randy

Bond­ing with peo­ple in a chilled envi­ron­ment. It’s not really fixed but depends on the per­son. For me it’s prob­a­bly just get­ting out of the house and doing some­thing. Lisa

Best way is for sure with a group, spon­ta­neously and on a bud­get to include per­sons who may not want to spend money. Another great way to lime is by choos­ing a dif­fer­ent lim­ing spot every time you want to chill out; that way you get to explore the coun­try you’re in more, and the limes won’t ever get bor­ing (although they shouldn’t if you have great com­pany). Kathy

Where is your favorite place to lime?

Corey says…
St. Lawrence Gap.
top-party-destinations11 It’s got the music vibe and you could just get a gap burger and stand up and talk. My favorite thing about the Gap is the free music, acces­si­ble food and drinks.

Kemar says…
A vari­ety of places.
bubbaspicture001 My picks are beach, Bub­bas, work, some­body house and out­side Chefette. Any­where, once I got those 4 Fs.

Andrew says…
Maybe the Boardwalk/​Lanterns Mall area
Boardwalk2021 I’m not sure I have a favorite place to be hon­est. But I would most likely go there cuz it’s familiar.
Randy Says…
Any beach but prefer­ably Batts Rock.
batts rock1 It’s my favorite beach. I love the view and the aura. Also, it’s the beach where I usu­ally surf.
Kathy says…
Brownes Beach
browne-s-beach-barbados-west-indies-tourists-locals-enjoying-afternoon-carlisle-bay-bridgetown-453049071 Brownes beach is in good walk­ing dis­tance of me [laughs]. It has good bath­room facil­i­ties and I like the esplanade. It’s also near town and has easy access to food and drinks. But beach is beach really.
Rhea says…
Accra or Miami Beach
They are close to the main road, have beach chairs and bath­room facil­i­ties, and food estab­lish­ments are closeby.

While the beach was the most pop­u­lar response from those sur­veyed, it is evi­dent that lim­ing is all about indi­vid­ual pref­er­ence. Many agree that it is an activ­ity to be shared with friends, but the where and the how varies depend­ing on the indi­vid­ual. What is your favorite lim­ing spot?

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