Foods to Make You Look Younger and More Beautiful

As per­sons age, there is the inevitable strug­gle to pre­serve the youth­ful and beau­ti­ful fea­tures that were once so easy to main­tain. How­ever, just because you get older, it does not mean you have to look it. We will present some of the food choices to help you look younger and more beautiful.

What you can eat to make you look younger…

The main aspect of our bod­ies that helps us to look younger is our skin. There are sev­eral types of foods, fruits and veg­eta­bles out there that aid in pro­mot­ing health­ier and younger look­ing skin. Some of these are pre­sented here:

avocado-sliced-in-half1Avo­cado –due to its rich con­tent of Vit­a­min E, avo­cado fights those cells that can cause dam­age to our skin. It also boosts the pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen in the body, which helps the skin to look much younger as you age.

Toma­toes– con­tain an antiox­i­dant that helps to fight off those dan­ger­ous mol­e­cules that can dam­age the skin cells. This antiox­i­dant has also been found to be use­ful in pro­tect­ing the skin against poten­tial sun damage.

Man­goes – helps the skin look younger by assist­ing the skin with its col­la­gen production.

redwine1Red wine – con­tains a com­pound that aids in pro­long­ing cell life, which bodes well for younger look­ing skin for a longer period of time.

Water­melon – another fruit that helps pro­tect the skin from the dan­ger­ous UV rays from the sun.

Pome­gran­ates – helps to pre­vent fine lines, wrin­kles and dry­ness of the skin by fight­ing those com­pounds that add wear and tear to the skin.

Wal­nuts – con­tain Omega 3 fatty acids and Vit­a­min E, both of which can keep hair look­ing hydrated and help repair dam­aged hair fol­li­cles. They also con­tain cop­per, which helps to pre­serve the rich­ness of nat­ural hair color (cop­per defi­cien­cies is a fac­tor in pre­ma­ture gray­ness).

Lobster White Plate 55982381Shell­fish (for exam­ple Lob­ster) – their anti-​inflammatory prop­er­ties can aid in reduc­ing skin issues such as acne. The zinc in shell­fish heals the skin cells and helps them to renew at a faster rate.

Eggs – our fin­ger­nails and toe­nails are all made of pro­tein. Eggs can aid in reduc­ing pro­tein defi­ciency, which can help in pro­mot­ing healthy nails.

Red Pep­pers – have a high Vit­a­min C con­tent, and it has been found that per­sons with diets high in vit­a­min C are less prone to wrinkles.

What you can eat to make you look more beautiful…

This is closely linked with look­ing younger, as a key aspect of look­ing beau­ti­ful is hav­ing youth­ful, radi­ant look­ing skin. Listed are just a few exam­ple on eat­ing beautifully

Cran­ber­ries – cran­ber­ries have a spe­cial com­pound that pre­vents bac­te­ria from stick­ing to teeth. There­fore, they can enhance help you main­tain a radi­ant smile.

images7Oily fish (for exam­ple Salmon) – helps to main­tain a healthy scalp as it con­tains vit­a­mins that help alle­vi­ate dry scalp issues. These types of fish have the dual effect of pro­mot­ing hydrated and healthy look­ing skin as well.

Greek Yogurt – can help remove dark cir­cles rom your eye.

Kid­ney beans – can aid in giv­ing you longer and stronger hair due to the pres­ence of pro­teins, iron zinc and biotin.

021 raw pepitas1Pump­kin Seeds – con­tain a pow­er­ful antiox­i­dant (Vit­a­min E) that slows down skin aging, it also con­tains other ingre­di­ents that help to keep your skin smooth and your hair shiny and also aids in reduc­ing the appear­ance of skin issues such as acne.

Acai Berries – these can help main­tain a good blood flow to the skin, help­ing you keep your pores clear leav­ing you with a fresher, more beau­ti­ful appearance.

Flaxseed – keeps hor­mones in bal­ance, which aids in pre­vent­ing weight gain and acne.

images1Car­rots – con­tain vit­a­mins and min­er­als that aid in main­tain­ing a healthy scalp, thus main­tain­ing healthy hair. They also kill harm­ful germs that can cause tooth decay.

Mush­rooms – good source of zinc and thus can help in main­tain­ing healthy and strong hair and nails.

Red Cab­bage – in addi­tion to its can­cer pre­vent­ing prop­er­ties, red cab­bage can reduce the appear­ance of wrin­kles on your skin.

These are just a snip­pet of the types foods that can make you look younger and more beau­ti­ful when you use them reg­u­larly. As is evi­dent by these lists, look­ing younger and beau­ti­ful on the out­side means tak­ing care of your skin, hair, teeth and nails. Thus, by tak­ing care of these impor­tant aspects of your appear­ance, you will be well on your way to being more con­fi­dent in your outer appearance.

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