This Magic Moment: My Wed­ding Experience


Wed­dings are prob­a­bly my favorite event to attend. I love see­ing the color schemes, dec­o­ra­tions, brides­maids and grooms­men attire and espe­cially the moment when the happy cou­ple says “I do”. I love the food at recep­tions because it is usu­ally such a nice blend of Bajan and Caribbean cui­sine.
My lat­est wed­ding expe­ri­ence was in Jan­u­ary, for my 2
nd cousin’s wed­ding. It was a great expe­ri­ence, espe­cially since I hadn’t attended a wed­ding in over two years.

The Cer­e­mony

3db8c9e3a02be571a70bcd0a02d767e11I had arrived a bit late for this late afternoon/​early evening wed­ding cer­e­mony so I missed the bride enter­ing (another one of my favorite moments at wed­dings) although from all reports she was on time (which tends to be a rar­ity at the cer­e­monies I attend). When I arrived how­ever, I was pleas­antly sur­prised by the colour scheme on dis­play. It was green and royal blue, some­thing that I never saw before at the many wed­dings I have attended, but it worked quite well. The bride wore a sim­ple strap­less dress and had her hair in a nice up-​do. Her make-​up was sim­ple, yet flaw­less and her brides­maids and maid of honor wore royal blue dresses with a green band around the waist. The grooms­men wore royal blue shirts, inside a dark suit, while the groom wore a white suit with a green shirt inside to match the green bou­quet of his bride. Every­one looked great and the col­ors blended nicely together.

The cer­e­mony itself was short and sweet. I tend to dis­like wed­ding cer­e­monies that are overly drawn out, because the guests get rest­less and antsy. But this cer­e­mony was quite dif­fer­ent. Within the cer­e­mony were the usual plat­i­tudes, hymns, sign­ing of the reg­istry etc., but I espe­cially liked the ren­di­tion of “A Thou­sand Years” by Christina Perri by a friend of the cou­ple, as the bride and groom signed the reg­istry. The song was very fit­ting for the occa­sion, as it is very roman­tic. That was a nice touch, I thought, as some­times dur­ing the wed­ding cer­e­monies I have attended, there is usu­ally just a piano ren­di­tion of a hymn or the con­gre­ga­tion singing hymns as the wed­ding reg­istry is signed.

The Recep­tion

For me, wed­ding recep­tions tend to be the biggest bone of con­tention. Some cou­ples and their bridal party spend ages tak­ing pho­tos (as is their right) and leave their guests stranded, which tends to increase the wait for food. How­ever, this cou­ple decided to have fin­ger food and drink for their guests, as they took their wed­ding pho­tos. I thought this was very con­sid­er­ate on their part, because it allowed the bridal party to get some nice shots with the sun set­ting, while the guests did not get too bored as the evening wore on. It also allowed the guests to min­gle and get to know each other in a casual set­ting. The guests were noti­fied when the bridal part was arriv­ing, there­fore every­one made their way to the recep­tion hall to wel­come them.

Since the time was wind­ing down as the evening wore on, the bride and groom also allowed the meals to be served before the speeches. The food was prob­a­bly the most dis­ap­point­ing part of the wed­ding, but I did not mind since the rest of the recep­tion was enjoy­able. The speeches were quite short and very enter­tain­ing as they always are at the wed­dings I attended before.

But the best part of the wed­ding was the last two events. First, the bride sur­prised her groom by ser­e­nad­ing him dur­ing the recep­tion. It was a very touch­ing moment that brought tears to the groom’s eyes. I had never seen some­thing like this before at a wed­ding, but it was indeed very touch­ing and sweet on the part of the bride. Sec­ondly, as is usual, the dance floor was open to the guests, but a vari­ety of music was played and per­sons of all ages took to the dance floor. There was the usual slow dance with the bride and groom and their fam­i­lies, but when the floor was open to guests, it was a great mix­ture of clas­si­cal tunes and calypso, and most of the guests had a great time.

wedding-rings1All in all, this wed­ding expe­ri­ence was a very good one. The wed­ding was by no means spec­tac­u­lar, but it showed that hav­ing a sim­ple and ele­gant wed­ding is just as good. This wed­ding also had many dif­fer­ent aspects that I hadn’t seen before, for exam­ple the fin­ger food and drink that the guests used to min­gle before the offi­cial start of the recep­tion. Addi­tion­ally, the bride ser­e­nad­ing the groom was very roman­tic and the guests really enjoyed it as well.

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