Best Spots in Bar­ba­dos to Watch the Sunset

Expe­ri­enc­ing a sun­rise or sun­set is a very roman­tic and pic­turesque moment. How­ever, even if you do not have that spe­cial some­one, it is also a great expe­ri­ence to enjoy on your own. Bar­ba­dos is ranked as one of the best Caribbean des­ti­na­tions to watch sun­rises and sun­sets. There are some of the best spots across the island we gather for the best sun­sets.

Best Places to Watch the Sunset

Vir­tu­ally, any beach or area on the west or south coast is ideal for watch­ing sun­sets. Sun­sets usu­ally occur between 6:00pm and 6:30pm in Bar­ba­dos (depend­ing on the time of the year). The ideal loca­tions are usu­ally beaches, so throw­ing a pic­nic bas­ket in the car and set­ting up camp on a beach as you watch the sun­set is not a bad idea. Here are 7 of the best spots to view sunsets:

Miami Beach


Loca­tion: Oistins, Christ Church

The Gap

Loca­tion: St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church

The Board­walk
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Loca­tion: Hast­ings, Christ Church

Maxwell Beach
DSC 4703-Small1

Loca­tion: Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church

Bran­dons Beach
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Loca­tion: Spring Gar­den High­way, St. Michael

Folke­stone Park
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Loca­tion: Folke­stone, St. James

Fresh­wa­ter Bay
sunset 3 at fresh water bay1

Loca­tion: St. James

There­fore, if you are on your way home from work in the evening, take a slight detour and expe­ri­ence the sun­set in Bar­ba­dos. While you can also plan a nice evening out­ing to expe­ri­ence these, it can also be some­thing you do spon­ta­neously, which will cer­tainly not detract from the over­all expe­ri­ence. Don’t worry we hav­ing for­got­ten the mag­nif­i­cent sun­rise, for this is a beau­ti­fully sight to behold. Stay tune for the Best Spots in Bar­ba­dos to watch the Sunrise.

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