Beach Day Checklist

Every day at the beach requires cer­tain neces­si­ties such as sun tan lotion, food and games. How­ever there are a vari­ety of other things that are required for a fun day at the beach. This arti­cle will present the ulti­mate beach day check­list of items you will need for your day.

Beach Bag

This is a fairly obvi­ous check­list item, as you will need some­thing to hold all of your beach items. Choose a size that can fit most if not all of the items you will be tak­ing with you. A large water­proof bag is usu­ally ideal for the occasion.

Portable Chairs

Tumbrellahese will be needed for those who wish to avoid sit­ting on the sand and where beach chairs are unavail­able. Also, they are good for those who have back issues that may be unable to lie on the flat sand.


In addi­tion to sun­screen (see below) this a needed to pro­tect against the sun. It also comes in handy if the rain falls unexpectedly.

Bathing Suit

A bathing suit is usu­ally a given beach day item, but some­times you may choose not to take a suit if you have no inten­tion of bathing. How­ever pack one just in case you change your mind.

Cooler with lots of Drink­ing Water

This is very impor­tant, as the sun can quickly sap you of your energy and you will need to rehy­drate con­stantly through­out the day. There is noth­ing wrong with a soda bev­er­age or even a beer or two, but water is the ideal bev­er­age for a long day at the beach.


Make sure to pack sun­glasses for the entire fam­ily, as these will pro­tect the eyes from the Sun’s UV rays.

beach foodFood

A hugely impor­tant neces­sity, whether you choose to spend a full day at the beach or just a few hours. Pack snacks that can boost your energy lev­els (to com­bat the energy drain from the sun) and also foods that aren’t too cum­ber­some to eat. Sand­wiches, most specif­i­cally wraps are ideal for the beach.


These can be used to lie on the sand (if you could not find a portable chair). If you do this, you should also pack another towel to dry off after you take a dip in the sea. The tow­els should be suf­fi­ciently large enough for you to lie on and to cover you ade­quately as you change.

Change of Clothes

After a nice dip and espe­cially after rolling around in the sand play­ing var­i­ous games and activ­i­ties (see below), it is nec­es­sary to have a fresh set of clothes to wear as the day winds down. Some­times, it can get very breezy at the beach at the end of the day, so some­thing long sleeve will help to com­bat this.

5953-Waterproof-Sunscreen1Water­proof Sunscreen

This is a must have in order to pro­tect your skin from the UV rays from the sun. Lip balm sun­screen will also be use­ful as well.

Baby Pow­der

Sprin­kling baby pow­der on your feet and legs when prepar­ing to leave the beach will eas­ily remove the sand. This way, you will not have to worry about get­ting the car dirty with sand.


Hands can become very sticky after wash­ing in the sea water, so wipes are per­fect and they keep your hands san­i­tized through­out the day, espe­cially if there are no restroom facil­i­ties nearby.

Blue­tooth Speakers

Portable Blue­tooth speak­ers can cer­tainly come in handy, espe­cially if you are loung­ing and read­ing good book on the beach.

First Aid Kit

It is almost inevitable that some­one will get a scrape or cut dur­ing the beach day. Have a first aid kit packed so that you can ade­quately treat the wound, so that the fun and games will not come to a pre­ma­ture end.


beach-cricket1You (and def­i­nitely your chil­dren) will want to have some­thing fun to do while at the beach. There­fore, make sure to pack some items and equip­ment in your beach bag. Some sug­ges­tions include: boo­gie boards, surf boards, snorkel equip­ment, foot­ball, vol­ley­ball, cricket equip­ment and a Fris­bee. For those younger chil­dren, noth­ing beats and old fash­ioned shovel and sand bucket to build sandcastles.

This list pro­vides you with an idea of all you will need for a full day out at the beach. While there are a few oth­ers that could be included, for exam­ple, a beach blan­ket, cross­word puz­zles and a good book, this list is com­pre­hen­sive enough to ensure that your day at the beach will be fun filled and relax­ing at the same time.

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