Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Let’s face it: a woman can never have too many shoes: every color, every vari­ety for every occa­sion. How­ever due to many fac­tors but most notably finan­cial, it is a fact that you will not be able to have a pair of shoes for every sin­gle out­fit com­bi­na­tion in your closet. There­fore, we have com­piled a col­lec­tion of the shoes that every woman MUST own, if they can­not get all that they wish to own.

Black Pumps/​The Clas­sic Pump
img-thing1 2
These tend to com­ple­ment and pull together any out­fit. Get them in suede or leather and you are good to go.

Bal­let Flat
ballet flat1
Some women do not like to wear heels 24/​7, and these are a nice alter­na­tive. Suit­able for work (depend­ing on the color of course), and casual out­fits, these tend to come in all sorts of col­ors, designs and mate­ri­als. They can be dressed up or dressed down and are the per­fect “no-​fuss” shoe.

Nude Heels
Although, black has always been known as the color that goes with any­thing, nude is no slouch either. These go with most out­fits and tend to make your legs look longer (if that is the look you are going for).

These are ideal for those cute sum­mer dresses and casual shorts to show off your brand new pedi­cure. Despite the height of some wedges, there are very com­fort­able to walk in and their amaz­ing look is an added bonus.


These look espe­cially nice when you are out and about on a casual encounter. Can be deemed the more sophis­ti­cated alter­na­tive to flip flops.

A “State­ment Pair”
Heels-3-145906 L1
Every woman def­i­nitely needs a pair of shoes that makes other stop and say “wow”. Your state­ment heels can be bright col­ored or have a unique print.

Ankle Boots
670578 main1
These type of shoes adds a bit of “edge” to your look and go great with a nice par of skinny jeans.

5ce1-UK-Cheap-Sale--Women-Perfect-Low-Nike-Blazer-First-1St-I-Winered-White-Casual-Shoes 61
Not the type you would wear to go to the gym or run­ning, but rather a casual, fash­ion­able pair (for exam­ple Con­verse) is worth an invest­ment, espe­cially since they go well with jeans.

Ani­mal Print Heels
Snake­skin or leop­ard heels are a nice addi­tion to your wardrobe, espe­cially if you have a good deal of print cloth­ing in your closet.

The Strappy San­dal
Yet another great shoe for the sum­mer. A high strappy san­dal can be worn on a vari­ety of occa­sions and can really spruce up an outfit.

With at least one pair of each of these shoe styles on this list, you will have a pretty good col­lec­tion of shoes to wear to all occa­sions. Whether you choose the afford­able kind or the pricey, brand name pair, as long as you own these styles, you are set for life.

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