The Intern (2015) Review

A 70-​year-​old wid­ower, bored with retire­ment life, decides to apply for a posi­tion of a senior (cit­i­zen) intern at an online fash­ion site, look­ing for some ful­fil­ment in life. In addi­tion to find­ing the ful­fill­ment he craves, he also finds love and hap­pi­ness, touch­ing the lives of those he inter­acts with, most notably his boss.

Retire­ment is an ongo­ing, relent­less effort in cre­ativ­ity. You can try yoga, like to cook, bought some plants, took classes in Man­darin. Believe me, I’ve tried every­thing. I just know there’s a hole in my life and I need to fill it… soon. – Ben

MV5BMTAyNTkxNTU1ODZeQTJeQWpwZ15BbWU4MDIyMTYwODYx. V1 SX640 SY720 1This movie was what one would call a slow burn, but yet not in a bad way. I wouldn’t say there was much of a con­flict or a cli­max to a con­flict, but rather a steady char­ac­ter devel­op­ment from the begin­ning to the end of the two hours. Robert De Niro played the role of Ben to per­fec­tion. Ben brought a calm­ing and fatherly influ­ence to the lives of every­one, even to the skep­ti­cal Jules (Anne Hath­away). He was also able to forge rela­tion­ships with the other interns and pro­vid­ing groom­ing and dress tips. He pro­vided rela­tion­ship advice to Jason, who wouldn’t know how to han­dle women if his life depended on it (he slept with the room­mate of the girl he was dat­ing and texted her “a bil­lion” times with sad emoji’s to apol­o­gize). He pro­vided a tem­po­rary place for Davis to stay after his par­ents told him he had to move out, while encour­ag­ing him to get his own place. He also bonds on a more inti­mate scale with the office Masseuse, Fiona. But his impact was felt the most on Jules. les her­self was very reluc­tant about the senior intern. She barely uti­lized his skills in the begin­ning, but they even­tu­ally started to inter­act more when Ben became her dri­ver (after Ben caught the pre­vi­ous dri­ver drink­ing on the job). Jules even tried to ship him off to some­one else because he was a “too obser­vant” but they even­tu­ally struck up a friend­ship, and by the end of the movie she was refer­ring to him as her best friend. In the midst of the cri­sis in her mar­riage and her busi­ness (the board wanted to appoint a CEO with more expe­ri­ence with the busi­ness aspect, mean­ing she would have less con­trol over her busi­ness and have to report to some­one) Ben encour­aged her not to make a deci­sion based on any­one else’s needs, but what is best for her and her busi­ness.

You started this busi­ness all by your­self a year and a half ago and now you have a staff of 220 peo­ple. Remem­ber who did that. – Ben

The truth is, some­thing about you makes me feel calm, more cen­tered or some­thing. I could use that, obvi­ously. – Jules

The-Intern1The strug­gle Jules was expe­ri­enc­ing with hir­ing a new CEO was obvi­ous from the time she was given the news early on in the movie, find­ing some­thing wrong with most of the can­di­dates. Her hus­band for his own rea­sons wasn’t in tune with how hard it was for her relin­quish­ing some con­trol of some­thing she built from the ground up and wanted her to hire some­one. How­ever, Ben rec­og­nized the strug­gle and was there for her, epit­o­miz­ing his sen­si­tiv­ity as a per­son. Mean­while, Jules was also strug­gling with the knowl­edge that Matt was cheat­ing on her with a mother of a child in their daughter’s class. His affair was another rea­son why she was con­sid­er­ing hir­ing a CEO so she would have more time for him and their fam­ily. How­ever, Ben again con­vinced her not to give up what she loved to stop her hus­band from cheat­ing on her. In the end, after con­fronting him about the affair, they took a small step towards sal­vaging their marriage.

Jules’ char­ac­ter, as indi­cated pre­vi­ously, expe­ri­enced the most devel­op­ment. Although she found it increas­ingly dif­fi­cult with each pass­ing day to jug­gle being a mother, a wife and a suc­cess­ful owner of a fast grow­ing busi­ness, Ben was there for her and ensured that noth­ing got too far out of con­trol. He was a calm­ing influ­ence in her life, assist­ing in all three of those areas while still encour­ag­ing her to be the best ver­sion of her­self pos­si­ble for her…not any­one else.

One of the great things about the movie is the lack of ageist themes. This could have eas­ily been a movie where every­one hated the older guy and made fun of him and he had to over­come those chal­lenges (cliché much) but it shows how per­sons can be accept­ing of those around them given their per­son­al­ity traits regard­less of age, gen­der or race. All in all, this movie might not be suited for some­one that likes action and fast paced movies. How­ever, if you are look­ing for some­thing with a good story and some good char­ac­ter growth this is ideal for you. Over­all Rat­ing 810

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