The Per­fect Guy (2015) Review

Syn­op­sis: After break­ing up with her boyfriend after real­iz­ing they want dif­fer­ent things from their rela­tion­ship, a woman quickly falls into a rela­tion­ship with the seem­ingly per­fect guy, until she real­izes appear­ances are deceiving.

This movie for me was quite mixed. Aside from the great cast­ing and good act­ing, the movie was not that well writ­ten and the plot was quite pre­dictable. First, let’s dis­cuss the main plot of the show: Leah’s rela­tion­ship with Carter. It is easy to under­stand why she fell for him. Charm­ing, sexy, gor­geous eyes and he wanted all the things she wanted unlike her pre­vi­ous boyfriend, Dave. But she fell for who he por­trayed to her with­out get­ting to know the real him. She was swept up by the allure of find­ing some­one who wanted what she wanted so quickly after end­ing her two year rela­tion­ship. On the other hand, Carter played the part to per­fec­tion. From “res­cu­ing her” from the sleazy guy at the bar, to being the per­fect gen­tle­man by not sleep­ing with her while in her par­ents’ home (although there was some­thing about the way he spoke to her in that scene that was a bit off) he exuded an aura that made him irre­sistible to her.

Inter­est­ingly though, when the first bla­tant sign of his tem­per, pos­ses­sive­ness and jeal­ousy reared its ugly head (beat­ing a guy to a pulp on the way back from her par­ents’ home from just talk­ing to her) she refused to take him back despite him being pushy about it. Although she fell for him too eas­ily, she didn’t hes­i­tate to get out at the first sign of dan­ger. By this time, Dave (her pre­vi­ous boyfriend) real­ized what he was miss­ing by not being with her and even­tu­ally, they made their way back together.

images4In a socio­pathic kind of way, Carter was very smart. He was smart enough to use all the hints dropped by Leah through­out the course of their brief, but steamy, rela­tion­ship, to spy on her, fol­low her and break into her home with­out her know­ing. He even hid under the bed while she had sex with Dave! He was also smart enough that, after vio­lat­ing the restrain­ing order Leah brought against him and being called in for ques­tion­ing by the police, to twist the sit­u­a­tion to make it seem like he had a case for restrain­ing order against Leah and Dave! Even­tu­ally, after real­iz­ing there was not much the police could do, Leah took mat­ters into her own hands and took him on, try­ing to beat him at his own game. She broke into and trashed his house, crashed his date with another woman and told her to “run, while you still can” (LOL) and sab­o­taged his job, basi­cally using the same tac­tics he used when he was stalk­ing her. It all came to a head when they even­tu­ally had a vio­lent face off, lead­ing to his death. How­ever this was not before he left a trail of dead bod­ies behind, includ­ing Leah’s nosey neigh­bor and sadly Dave.

perfectguyleft1Sanaa Lathan as always did a great job in this movie, dis­play­ing all the emo­tions of lust, fear, anger, frus­tra­tion and pain all to per­fec­tion. It was quite the emo­tional roller­coaster. Mor­ris Chestnut’s Dave char­ac­ter was also like­able. He acknowl­edged his mis­take in wait­ing too long in his rela­tion­ship with Leah and fought to win her back. When he real­ized the threat posed by Carter, he imme­di­ately warned him off. Admit­tedly though, this move was not that smart as one should not wind up sociopaths. But we know where he was com­ing from in try­ing to pro­tect his girl (I mean, who doesn’t love a macho Mor­ris Chest­nut?). I think most of the audi­ence was sad and dis­ap­pointed that he died espe­cially since he finally wised up and it seemed that Leah and him were going to have their happy ending.

The detec­tive Leah first spoke to about Carter was a bit annoy­ing at first, but you do under­stand why he couldn’t do any­thing. His hands were tied due to the lack of a crime being com­mit­ted. Unfor­tu­nately, that’s an issue with the law and not nec­es­sar­ily him. Although, as soon as he real­ized the behav­ior was esca­lat­ing, he stepped up his game and tried hard to help Leah. Even­tu­ally, he real­ized act­ing within the law was going to be use­less given how smart and sneaky Carter was so he gave her ‘advice’ on how to take care of the sit­u­a­tion once and for all.

Scenes I didn’t Get

They say hind­sight is 2020 vision, but a few things had me really annoyed by this movie:

1) After their amaz­ing first kiss, we under­stand that Leah would find it hugely flat­ter­ing that Carter tracked her down when she was wrestling with call­ing him her­self. How­ever, shouldn’t she have found it a tad bit creepy that although he’s an “IT expert in 2015” that he tracked her down so easily?

2) the-perfect-guy-dom-df-03395 r rgb1While the amaz­ing chem­istry between Carter and Leah was evi­dent, sex in a very dirty bath­room of a club on the sec­ond date with a guy you barely know? No. Just no. But it was obvi­ous from that scene that his kiss had her pretty mesmerized.

I haven’t had a kiss like that in a long time. – Leah

3) The scene where she intro­duced Carter to her friends was telling. Her friend asked him if a sin­gle mother raised him to which Leah replied sar­cas­ti­cally: “just jump right in with the per­sonal ques­tions”. My thought here was, maybe YOU should be ask­ing your boyfriend these ques­tions and get­ting to know HIM before get­ting so seri­ous with him. The look on her face when he said he was adopted obvi­ously indi­cated she didn’t know that or much about his past.

4) Let­ting the guy you JUST started dat­ing know where you hide the spare key? Dumb­est move ever!

5) The time­line may have been blurry, but hon­estly, she got seri­ous with him far too fast.

6) Seri­ously, what friend would tell another friend that her boyfriend beat­ing a guy to a pulp for NOTH­ING was a one-​time thing? The other annoy­ing thing about this same friend was that in a later con­ver­sa­tion she says, “who says he won’t snap like that again” (refer­ring to the beat­ing inci­dent). Didn’t this woman just say maybe it was a one-​time thing? (Maybe this was just poor writ­ing but it still annoyed me).

7) Leah to Dave “I think I jump into things some­times”. Most obvi­ous line ever.

All in all, I have mixed feel­ings about the movie. There were things that I really enjoyed (the act­ing by the three leads, how Leah wised up sooner rather than later), there were things that I didn’t like (some of the writ­ing was less than impres­sive) and there were things that just plain annoyed me (see above).
Over­all Movie Rat­ing: 5.5÷10

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