Codring­ton College


Located in St. John, Codring­ton Col­lege was built in 1743, mak­ing it the old­est Angli­can The­o­log­i­cal Col­lege in the West­ern Hemi­sphere. The Col­lege was named after Christo­pher Codring­ton who, after he died left two estates to the Soci­ety for the Prop­a­ga­tion of the Gospel; in addi­tion to a large sum of money, to estab­lish an insti­tu­tion of higher learn­ing in Bar­ba­dos. The Col­lege was orig­i­nally opened in 1745 as a gram­mar school, but in 1830 became a uni­ver­sity level insti­tu­tion. Many priests; past and present, train at Codring­ton Col­lege, and the school main­tains its role in the edu­ca­tion of priests.

DSC 0283 11How­ever, Codring­ton Col­lege is more than a school for the train­ing of priests, but rather has beau­ti­ful nat­ural sur­round­ings that are free for the gen­eral pub­lic to expe­ri­ence. From the time you take the drive down the path­way lined with cab­bage palm trees, you will get a sense that you are not at any ordi­nary school. The lush gar­dens, build­ings with unique archi­tec­tural designs, and the lily pond lays the set­ting for a tran­quil coun­try­side expe­ri­ence, away from the hus­tle and bus­tle of the city. From the hill­side of the Col­lege, you can expe­ri­ence one of the most pic­turesque views of the East Coast, as there is a stun­ning view of the Atlantic Ocean below. Pic­nic tables are also sit­u­ated around the prop­erty for those who wish to pic­nic, and a play park is avail­able for children.

78da91e2d3ca5c54f60424604535dfe91In addi­tion to the beau­ti­ful nat­ural sur­round­ings on which the col­lege its sit­u­ated, the build­ings them­selves are breath­tak­ing. The main build­ing was pat­terned after an Oxford col­lege, the old principal’s lodge (now the library and study) was orig­i­nally a 17th cen­tury plan­ta­tion great house and the altar in the chapel is beau­ti­fully com­prised of ebony, lignum vitae and Cor­dia wood.

As stated pre­vi­ously, the grounds are free to be toured. Per­sons can visit, take pic­tures of the his­toric build­ings and fan­tas­tic views, tour the grounds and feed the fish and ducks in the lily pond. As you can imag­ine, with such a pic­turesque set­ting, Codring­ton Col­lege also plays host to var­i­ous events includ­ing wed­dings, Chris­ten­ings, sem­i­nars and con­fer­ences. The grounds, kitchen and chapel can be reserved (for a cost) dur­ing the entire year, except dur­ing the sea­son of Lent.

With such a key role in his­tory and edu­ca­tion in Bar­ba­dos, Codring­ton Col­lege remains a cru­cial aspect of Bar­ba­dian soci­ety. We encour­age you to take a drive, by bus or by car, to this won­der­ful pic­turesque loca­tion, and take a tour of this won­der­ful property.

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