Chat­tel Houses of Barbados

As one trav­els around Bar­ba­dos it is impos­si­ble to miss the brightly col­ored wooden houses which dot the land­scape.
These kinds of houses first appeared around the end of the 17
th cen­tury when plan­ta­tion work­ers, who were not land own­ers, were forced to rent what was called a “house spot” from the plan­ta­tion. The houses were called chat­tel because they were regarded as per­sonal prop­erty which could be, eas­ily, dis­man­tled and moved to another loca­tion if it became nec­es­sary to do so.

Like their more expen­sive coun­ter­parts, the ubiq­ui­tous “wall” house, mod­ern chat­tel houses are now out­fit­ted, not only with veran­dahs and ban­nis­ters, but are endowed with most of the mod­ern ameni­ties, includ­ing indoor plumbing.

Excel­lent repro­duc­tions of chat­tel houses can be seen at loca­tions across the island which have been des­ig­nated as Chat­tel House Vil­lages. At these, so called, vil­lages, vis­i­tors can pur­chase local arts and crafts, food, cloth­ing and other items.

Chat­tel Houses in Barbados

  • Tyrol Cot Her­itage Village


  • Chat­tel House Vil­lage — St. Lawrence


  • Chat­tel House Vil­lage — Holetown

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