Bajan Favourites: Junk Food

It is no secret that Bajans love junk food, espe­cially on week­ends. We asked a few Bajans about their favourite junk food. Here are some of the responses:

Burger and Chips…
ff10169c-ddb1-4502-ab4d-0f6be24b98091 If I could eat burg­ers and chips every day I would. I have loved chips from since I was young, and I just like a burger bad, espe­cially with BBQ sauce, pineap­ple, tomato, cheese and bacon, and of course, ketchup for the chips. My favourite burger is def­i­nitely the one from Lucky Horse­shoe.- Michael
curry-beef-with-roti-300x1991 My favourite would have to be a cur­ried chicken roti with dhalpuri skin. If I didn’t have an acid reflux prob­lem I would eat it every day! My fam­ily is from Guyana, and dhalpuri and curry is a major part of that cul­ture. My favourite way to eat it is the buss up shot.- Suzie

Most of the per­sons, to whom we spoke, had a sim­i­lar favourite:



Pizza tastes so good. The blend between dif­fer­ent flavours is tan­ta­lis­ing.– Corey

It’s incred­i­bly deli­cious! – Andrew

I love cheese and any­thing Ital­ian.– Rose

So many flavours all in one bite!– Tau­rean

The vari­ety. You can make it how­ever you want. Also, pizza is a food that comes with an edi­ble “han­dle” (the crust)! What more could any­one ask for? – Kemar

Favourite Top­pings

Sweet pep­pers, pineap­ple, corn and minced meatAlyssa

Pep­per­oni, minced meat, pineap­ple, sweet pep­per and onions– Corey

Minced meat, pineap­ple and cheese– Andrew

Minced meat, pineap­ple, Pep­per­oni and corn– Rose

Jalapeño, Pep­per­oni, black Olives, pineap­ple and Moz­zarella cheese- Tau­rean

Pineap­ple, ham, bacon, onions, minced meat and BBQ chicken– Kemar

Who has the best Pizza in Bim?

meat pizza  large1Chefette – I love their dough!– Alyssa

Pita Pizza in Grazettes. Their pizza tastes like heaven!– Corey

Chefette– Rose

Il Forno– Tau­rean

How­ever, one per­son believed that the best pizza to buy depends on the occasion:

10501614 790104897746739 2705963639270579887 n1For a work fête – Chefette. You can mix it up ’cause you can get half with a par­tic­u­lar top­ping and half with another. So it’s per­fect for those func­tions where peo­ple have dif­fer­ent preferences.

If you are hav­ing a lime with friends, I would say PriceS­mart or Chefette. PriceS­mart uses moz­zarella cheese and they do many types of pizza: Hawai­ian, pep­per­oni, veg, cheese and a combo slice with sea­soned beef, onions and olives.

For a day out – I would choose Pita Pizza ’cause they also have delight­ful com­bi­na­tions. So it really depends on what you are doing/​what your event is. – Kemar

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