Out­fit Sug­ges­tions for Men

Dur­ing the sum­mer months, most men, espe­cially the out­doors type, pre­fer to wear a com­bi­na­tion of clothes that is guar­an­teed to keep them cool and min­i­mize the pro­duc­tion of per­spi­ra­tion. So cloth­ing that is not too tight, and uncom­fort­able, would be pop­u­lar. And of course, some adven­tur­ous guys like to go bare­back to beat the heat.

Men who are com­fort­able in their skin, and are con­fi­dent and care­free, most likely would be seen around the pop­u­lar spots in short pants, fit­ted shirts and leather slip­pers or the new­fan­gled moc­casins. The more con­ser­v­a­tive guy might pre­fer long pants with tee or polo shirts and casual shoes.


Every man, who is worth his salt, owns a pair of denim jeans. They are suit­able for almost any occa­sion and can be worn with any­thing, even a jacket and reg­u­lar shoes. These are some of the rea­sons that 450 mil­lion pairs are sold in the USA each year.

The “Suit” Look – It may be hot out­side, but not too hot for the adven­tur­ous guy who wants to be a cut above the rest in an out­fit that may fea­ture a casual jacket with jeans and a fit­ted shirt. This ensem­ble is ideal for those occa­sions when you need to look sharp and at your best, but not overdressed.


Pat­terns – Pat­terns are a nice sum­mer look on guys and can range from plaid to flo­ral for those really bold guys. Com­pli­ment the shirt with a pair of shorts, den­ims or slacks, and a boat shoe or can­vas sneaker.

These ideas and options, for fash­ion con­scious women and men, should be help­ful to those vis­i­tors who are not famil­iar with the cul­ture of sum­mer wear in the Caribbean.

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