Shoes Every Man Should Own

While men may not be the shoe ‘freaks’ that most women are, men and women have one thing in com­mon: they both like to look good and shoes are very impor­tant in this. There­fore, this arti­cle will high­light the styles of shoes that every man should own.
Brown Brogues

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These are essen­tially your ‘work­horse’ shoe: the shoe that goes well with almost any­thing, so you most likely wear it the most. These shoes, as well as going with any­thing, tend to be appro­pri­ate for most occasions.

Black Lace Ups/​Black Leather Oxfords
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Ideal for any fancy or dress-​up occa­sion, and for those with a stricter for­mal dress code at work, these will work per­fectly. They can also be worn to other events such as wed­dings and funer­als and will accom­pany a dark suit perfectly.

Casual Boots
As the name implies, these are more casual shoe wear for events such as camp­ing, hik­ing, a nice walk or a date, and can even be worn to the office on a wet day (in place of your black lace ups). Men who do a lot of work out­doors will also find these shoes very suit­able for their tasks.

Sim­ple Sneak­ers
Every guy needs a pair of sneak­ers, not for the gym, but those that can be worn in any casual set­ting. A style with a low top cut is under­stated but fashionable.

More styl­ish and sophis­ti­cated than the casual sneaker, a pair of leather slip-​ons or loafers will sharpen your look, with­out look­ing too dressy. These shoes are very ver­sa­tile and can be eas­ily dressed up or dressed down.

Dress Boots
Boots are in high fash­ion in recent times, so a nice pair of sleek leather ones will do you no harm. This is also a style of a shoe that will tran­scend trends and fads.

Gym Sneakers/​Trainers
As the name implies, these are your shoes for phys­i­cal activ­ity such as the gym, run­ning, or any sport.

Flip Flops
All the shoes on this list have been closed toe, but every guy needs an open toed shoe. Choose from sev­eral brand names such as Reefs Quick­sil­ver, Old Navy or Cobian and you are good to go.

Monk Straps
Per­fect for those who may get tired of the con­stant lac­ing up of their shoes. Monk straps come in sin­gle or dou­ble straps but no style is bet­ter than the next: it is all about pref­er­ence. These shoes can also be worn with a suit.

Boat Shoes
These shoes are the epit­ome of com­fort. Most tend to be made of water­proof mate­ri­als. They are very styl­ish and are ideal for casual occasions.

There­fore, whether you are the type of guy that must look fash­ion­able every time he steps out, or the clas­sic no fuss guy, ensur­ing that you have at least one pair of these shoes in your closet will ensure that you have a shoe for most of your outfits.

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