Con­fes­sions of a Bajan: Most Embar­rass­ing Stories

We have all had those moments: the slip down the steps or a wave to some­one who was clearly not wav­ing at you. Some Bar­ba­di­ans decided to share their most embar­rass­ing moments with us. While some can look back on the expe­ri­ences and chuckle, it is still a sore topic for others.


I was stand­ing in a mini-​bus, a few months ago, on my way to the city, when the bus stopped sud­denly. I was not hold­ing on to the handrail, as I should have been, so I was vio­lently thrown onto two pas­sen­gers who were eat­ing ice cream! The ice cream flew all over the bus! That was hugely embar­rass­ing. Shaunette

I was walk­ing on the bridge in town, and I started to walk a bit faster, for some rea­son. Then, all of a sud­den, I slipped and fell. I was back on my feet so fast that two girls said they thought I was danc­ing. David

This one is a kind of “vic­ar­i­ous embar­rass­ment.” A few years ago, I was in the bus ter­mi­nal in Speight­stown, with my dad. Some guys were play­ing foot­ball on the nearby field as we were walk­ing up the stairs, which were quite close to the play­ing field. One of the guys kicked the ball, which soared over the goal bars, and landed in front of us. My father attempted to kick the ball back to play­ers, but not only did he miss the ball, com­pletely, he also fell flat on his back! I was just wait­ing for a small crack in the ground to open up and swal­low me whole, but it didn’t. I think I was more embar­rassed than my father seemed to be. He casu­ally got up and brushed him­self off. “Old age seems to be catch­ing up with me!” he mut­tered. Kemar


I sud­denly devel­oped an upset stom­ach while I was stuck, in a ZR van, in heavy traf­fic. I tried to get to the near­est bath­room, which was about fifty yards away from the bus stop, but I didn’t make it, so I had a really embar­rass­ing acci­dent. For­tu­nately, only the young lady who I asked for help, noticed or smelled my prob­lem! Sean

The strap on my shoe broke while I was at school (UWI), so I had no choice but to walk around cam­pus with one shoe on my foot, and the other in my hand, for most of the day. Not a pleas­ant expe­ri­ence at all. Kim

Dri­ving errors

My most embar­rass­ing moment would be when I was dat­ing this guy at UWI. He would let me drive his car, the short dis­tance from IT Ser­vices to the back gate, from time to time, so I could improve my dri­ving skills. When­ever we passed by the Kiosk he used to remind me that there was an uneven­ness, of the road sur­face, which causes vehi­cles to veer towards the side­walk. And I would be like “yea, yea I got you cov­ered!” in my usual con­fi­dent way. This par­tic­u­lar night, though, I was dri­ving, with my friend next to me, and my best friend in the back. He had just reminded me, again, about the con­di­tion of the road, when the car mounted the side­walk and was head­ing for the sign post, next to the Fac­ulty of Social Sci­ences. I slammed on the brakes so hard that the three of us would cer­tainly have gone through the wind­screen if we had not been strapped in. I was really embar­rassed, and I apol­o­gised, pro­fusely, to my friend. My best friend thought the inci­dent was so funny that she could not stop laugh­ing! Karla

Bad End to a Date

I once took a lady to a restau­rant and we had a lovely and roman­tic din­ner. When we were ready to leave, how­ever, and I attempted to pay with my credit card, the machine kept reject­ing it. Thank God, I had some cash in my wal­let, so I used that, instead. I would have been quite embar­rassed if I had been forced to ask the lady to pay the bill. Not my finest moment. Kevin

Embar­rass­ing Underwear

When I was about 13/​14, I went to the beach with my dad and some friends from the neigh­bour­hood. But I had for­got­ten to pack my swim trunk, so I decided that, since all my friends were there, there was no way I was going into the water in my under­wear. My father had other ideas, how­ever. He waited until I was about to enter the water and started yelling about what I was wear­ing, and insisted that I take off my shorts. At that point my friends and some other girls started to laugh and point at me ’cause the under­wear I was wear­ing was tiger skin. It was really embar­rass­ing. To this day my friends still talk about it. Trevor

Mis­taken Identity…

I guess my most embar­rass­ing story was when I went to the air­port, as a lit­tle girl, with my mom, to col­lect my dad, and I ran to the wrong man, think­ing he was my father! He had looked sim­i­lar to my dad, who hadn’t come out as yet. I ran all the way back to my mom feel­ing really embar­rassed. Saman­tha

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