At The Air­port: What to Do, What Not to Do

For those who do a lot of trav­el­ling, you should be well aware that there are cer­tain things that you should and should not do while at the air­port. This arti­cle will seek to illus­trate some of the do and don’t, which will greatly help any­one who travels.

What Not to Do…

  • Sleep

No mat­ter how tired you should always try to avoid sleep­ing (unless you are with some­one where you two can trade off nap times). When alone, you can fool your­self into think­ing that you will just “close your eyes for a bit” but, next thing you know its 8 hours later and you’ve missed your flight. Try to resist the urge to sleep at least until you have safely boarded your plane.

  • Try to be Funny

There is always a time and a place for every­thing and one time and place not to be funny is at the air­port, given all the issues sur­round­ing ter­ror­ism. While the per­son may laugh or smile, you may find your­self being unnec­es­sar­ily detained by the author­i­ties. Also avoid using words such as bomb, explode or bang. Addi­tion­ally, avoid wear­ing clothes that are sup­posed to be funny such as World’s #1 ter­ror­ist. See for your­self what hap­pened on a deleted scene on everyone’s favourite sit­com Friends when Chan­dler tries to joke at the airport.

  • Wear Sun­glasses Inside

Sim­i­lar to the above, this might give secu­rity the wrong idea that you might be try­ing to con­ceal your iden­tity for some rea­son. Again, this may cause you to be unnec­es­sar­ily delayed and miss your flight.

  • Argue with Staff

upset customer
Los­ing your tem­per in an air­port is very inad­vis­able. Firstly for you, as you may draw unnec­es­sary atten­tion to your­self and sec­ondly for the staff mem­ber who is most likely just doing their job and fol­low­ing pro­to­col, espe­cially in cases where they have no con­trol such as flight delays.

  • Cut the line

Be con­sid­er­ate to other pas­sen­gers and sim­ply wait your turn to board the plane. Remem­ber, with every­one hav­ing assigned seats, it really does not mat­ter if you board first or last, so just be patient and wait your turn.

  • Linger at the Gate

Lin­ger­ing at the gate before your flight is called will not make you get on the flight faster as it may cause unnec­es­sary crowd­ing of the gate. Sit down and relax until your flight is called. Remem­ber, the flight won’t leave with­out you (unless they have paged you sev­eral times with­out response).

  • Get Drunk

This may seem like a no brainer, but with long waits for board­ing and flight delays, it hap­pens more reg­u­larly than you would think. There is no harm in hav­ing a drink or two, but try not to overdo it as it will only make the day worse since you will not be allowed to board if you are vis­i­bly intox­i­cated. Also, you need to be 100% alert and there is a less chance of this if you are inebriated.

What To Do…

  • Check-​In Early

early check-in
This is espe­cially impor­tant when you expect the flight to be extremely full. If you arrive at the air­port well above your sched­uled check in time, there is no harm in beat­ing the rush and get­ting your check in out of the way early. This is espe­cially advis­able if you have con­cerns over a bag that may be over­weight, as check­ing in early can help you solve this and other poten­tial issues that may arise in a rel­a­tively has­sle free manner.

  • Pre-​Weigh Bags Before Check In

If you sus­pect that the bag you want to check in might be over­weight, it might be best to weigh it before you check in to avoid any scrutiny from fel­low trav­ellers and the travel agent. It will also help you decide what to remove from your bag if it turns out to be over­weight, away from the pry­ing eyes of fel­low travellers.

  • Pick up some last minute items/​Window Shop

If you are espe­cially early and you have a few hours to kill, a lit­tle shop­ping can make the time go much faster. While you should be mind­ful that shop­ping at air­ports tends to be more expen­sive than at a reg­u­lar store, you can still get some rea­son­ably priced last minute items includ­ing sou­venirs. If things are too expen­sive, sim­ply pass the time by win­dow shopping.

  • Relax and Enjoy the Free Wi-​Fi

Catch up on the lat­est on social media, or watch an episode of your favourite show, while wait­ing for your flight to be called. Brows­ing the inter­net is a fun and inter­est­ing way to help you pass the time while wait­ing for your flight.

  • Read a Book/​Magazine

reading 1618786c1
In most instances, Wi-​Fi is only free for a period of time, so, if you have fin­ished brows­ing the stores and exceeded your Wi-​Fi limit, you can always sit and read a book or mag­a­zine. Remem­ber, it is impor­tant to do any­thing you can to stay awake so that you are alert at all times, so make sure that’s a good read.

  • Write a Bucket List

What should you do when you have noth­ing to do? Write a list of all that you would like to do, see and expe­ri­ence. Whether you are on a long 6 hour lay­over, or wait­ing a few hours until board­ing time, there is no bet­ter time to write a bucket list of all you wish to accom­plish than when your mind is reflect­ing on all the things you could be doing instead of sit­ting in an air­port wait­ing for your flight to be called.

  • Con­nect with others

friendly chat
Take the time while at the air­port to have a con­ver­sa­tion with some fel­low pas­sen­gers and trav­ellers. You never know who you may meet at the air­port. You may bump into some­one who lives in your coun­try, or you may even get exposed to dif­fer­ent cul­tures by inter­act­ing with per­sons of dif­fer­ent nation­al­i­ties. Chances are, these peo­ple are just a bored as you are and may wel­come the conversation.

These tips, as help­ful as they are, are not hard and fast rules of trav­el­ling; they vary depend­ing on the type of per­son you are, and of course if you are trav­el­ling alone or with oth­ers. How­ever, they do come in handy whether you are a fre­quent flyer or a first time flyer.

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