Wines of the Caribbean

The Caribbean is the undis­puted home of Rum and it isn’t gen­er­ally known for its wines. Most of the wines cur­rently made in the region have only been in pro­duc­tion for a few years.
The lack of sig­nif­i­cant devel­op­ment in the area of wines in the Caribbean has been due to the cli­mate of the region which makes it dif­fi­cult for grapes to thrive, and as such Caribbean vine­yards are very rare. How­ever, there has been a few strides for­ward in this area over the past few years in the Caribbean. Cuba cur­rently has the Caribbean’s old­est wine mak­ing oper­a­tion but the first major Caribbean wine project Ocoa Bay, was launched by the Domini­can Repub­lic in 2008. Since then, other nations have fol­lowed suit by begin­ning their own local wine oper­a­tions. A few region­ally pro­duced wines are:

Shalana’s Nat­u­ral­wines – Bar­ba­dos
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Shalana’s Nat­u­ral­wines, as the name implies, pro­duces nat­ural wines made from a vari­ety of fruits and veg­eta­bles. They cur­rently offer 25 dif­fer­ent flavours of wine at very rea­son­able prices.

Barcelo Caballo Blanco Sweet Red Wine – Domini­can Republic

Caballo Blanco is a sweet red wine from the Domini­can Repub­lic and is the most expen­sive wine made from Mus­cat in the Caribbean. It has steadily increased in pop­u­lar­ity over the past few years.

Jamoon Pan­dama Wine – Guyana
Jamoon, a fruit orig­i­nally native to India and South East Asia, can also be found in cer­tain parts of the Caribbean and South Amer­ica. As it is a favourite of Guyanese, it is no sur­prise that the local win­ery in Guyana man­u­fac­tures a wine made from this fruit. Jamoon is a red wine and as such can be paired with dif­fer­ent types of food, includ­ing burg­ers, pasta and wild meat. In addi­tion to Jamoon, Pan­dama wines man­u­fac­tures a vari­ety of other fruit wines (see below) in addi­tion to a vari­ety of herbal wines.

Red Label Wine – Jamaica
Red Label wine is Jamaica’s biggest sell­ing wine. Although it is a red wine, it has a hint of a cin­na­mon flavour. It can be served on the rocks, straight or chilled. Many per­sons also choose to add red label wine to Christ­mas cakes made across the island dur­ing the hol­i­day season.

Other Caribbean pro­duced wines include:

Love Affair Sor­rel Wine – Trinidad and Tobago

True Pas­sion Pas­sion Fruit Wine – Trinidad and Tobago

Sor­rel Wine (Pan­dama Wines) – Guyana

Mango Wine (Pan­dama Wines) – Guyana

Sour­sop Wine (Pan­dama Wines) – Guyana

There­fore, while in the Caribbean make an inquiry with locals about sourc­ing these and other local wines. While the Caribbean may be more known for its rum, you may be pleas­antly sur­prised by the qual­ity of wines pro­duced in the region.

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