Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Review: Dis­ap­point­ing with a Side of Boring


Syn­op­sis: A sex­u­ally inex­pe­ri­enced col­lege senior and a hand­some bil­lion­aire are drawn together. But one of his most well kept secrets threat­ens to ruin their rela­tion­ship before it even gets started.

I may be in the minor­ity of per­sons world­wide but I have never read the “Fifty Shades” series of books by EL James, so this review will be through fresh eyes; eyes that had a gen­eral idea of what the plot of the movie was about, but had no idea how it was going to develop. Truth is, I don’t think it really did. This movie was dis­ap­point­ing in so many areas. In fact, I would even say that the movie was a bit boring.

First, my biggest issue was that there was no form of devel­op­ment of a plot or the char­ac­ters. Girl meets boy. Boy reveals to girl he’s a bit of a sadist. Girl whines about it occa­sion­ally but goes along for the ride until she real­izes it’s not for her. The End. Maybe those who have read the nov­els and are deeply invested in the two char­ac­ters would not be as ‘bleh’ about the whole rela­tion­ship, but there was noth­ing in the movie that made me emo­tion­ally attached to either of these char­ac­ters as indi­vid­u­als, much less emo­tion­ally attached enough to root for them as a cou­ple. We barely knew any­thing about them, as only snip­pets here and there were offered and that was dis­ap­point­ing. It was almost as if the movie pro­duc­ers were bank­ing on the fact that the audi­ence knows these char­ac­ters from the nov­els and that is a mis­take that I believe many movies based on books make – that they can be sloppy with basic things such as plot and char­ac­ter devel­op­ment because the movie is based on a book. So, I felt as though it was a movie just for those who read the book. Although, per­sons who read the book were also quite dis­ap­pointed with the movie as well, so maybe not.

dakota-johnson-fifty-shades-of-grey-movie1My next issue is the char­ac­ter of Anas­ta­sia. She’s a vir­gin. She’s inex­pe­ri­enced with men and rela­tion­ships but that was not the issue. I believe that she didn’t accept Chris­t­ian for who he was, and got upset when he didn’t change. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way con­don­ing his sadism or con­trac­tual demands for their arrange­ment (more on that later) but one thing you can­not say about him is that he was decep­tive. He was always upfront about who he was and what she should and should not expect from him. I felt through­out the movie she was a bit in over her head. She fell in love with him, the sex was obvi­ously great for her (judg­ing by the fact she was will­ing to indulge in his sex­ual fetishes) but she kept expect­ing some­thing from him that he said upfront he wasn’t going to give. I must admit, she was pretty bold in the early stages of the rela­tion­ship, as she got Chris­t­ian to nego­ti­ate the terms of the con­tract (some­thing he never did before) and she didn’t give in right away (actu­ally she’s yet to sign the con­tract). At the end of the movie, they ulti­mately broke up when she felt that his “pun­ish­ment” of her for the sake of plea­sure was too exces­sive for her to han­dle, as was the fact that he wasn’t open­ing up to her about why he was the way he was. I get that to an extent, but he did warn her that he’s closed off, so she knew that going into their agree­ment. In fact, she knew upfront from the begin­ning what she was get­ting into, and to me, and I don’t think she had any right com­plain­ing when Chris­t­ian was not chang­ing. This is a mis­take a lot of women make. They go into rela­tion­ships think­ing they can change some­one and get upset when they don’t. If some­one cares about you and respects you enough to be upfront about who they are, you shouldn’t com­plain when they turn out exactly as they said they would.

1ad88409-ce5e-4d92-8355-e8b8e20bd6311Now to Chris­t­ian. What a com­pli­cated char­ac­ter. I won’t go into length about his sex­ual pref­er­ences, because one thing the movie pro­duc­ers did was to give us some back­ground about how he became exposed to this type of sex­ual behav­ior. He was abused as a 15 year old by his mother’s friend, who intro­duced him to the con­cept of dom­i­nant and sub­mis­sive, a con­cept to which he has added his own ‘style’. Also, it was hinted through­out the move that there is more to his char­ac­ter, and why he prefers this sadism to give plea­sure to his part­ner. How­ever, my issue is this: does sadism mean that you have to be so con­trol­ling and pos­ses­sive of our part­ner? Some of his terms were over the top includ­ing telling her which doc­tor she needed to go to get birth con­trol and the fact that she was ‘his’. That is bor­der­line pos­ses­sive. Addi­tion­ally, his reac­tion when he found out Anas­ta­sia was going to visit her mother was not great either. It was almost as if Anas­ta­sia was his pos­ses­sion. I know this wasn’t the case because he obvi­ously loves her (being will­ing to nego­ti­ate the con­tract, actu­ally sleep­ing in the same bed with her one night shows this) but at times, he treated her like property.

Also, for a movie series that is sup­posed to be sex­u­ally steamy, can we really say the lead actors had any chem­istry or pas­sion? Yes, we hear the usual grunts or moans sym­bol­iz­ing that the two are appar­ently sex­u­ally sat­is­fy­ing each other but where’s the chem­istry? Where’s the pas­sion. Is this a cast­ing issue or a writ­ing issue?

This whole rela­tion­ship felt like a busi­ness arrange­ment. Other than a few mean­ing­ful glances and one or two mean­ing­ful con­ver­sa­tions, what cause do we have to root for this cou­ple? For me, noth­ing. I’m a typ­i­cal chick flick gal. I love watch­ing peo­ple fall in love and over­come that pre­dictable con­flict that arises, but I felt noth­ing when they broke up. All I can hope is that the next two movie install­ments in this series are much bet­ter than this one. I hope to learn more about Anas­ta­sia and Chris­t­ian as peo­ple too, espe­cially Chris­t­ian as he seems to have lay­ers and lay­ers to uncover. But given how poor this movie was, should I even bother to watch the sequels? Over­all Movie Rat­ing 310

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