The Parish of St. John

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St. John is located on the east­ern side of the island and is cel­e­brated for its rich his­tory and stun­ning views. Still mainly a rural parish you will be pleased to see vary­ing mon­key sight­ings as you pass by the agri­cul­tural plan­ta­tions and cane fields.

His­tor­i­cal Attractions

St. John Parish Church — re-​built in 1836 in clas­sic Gothic design to replace the pre­vi­ous wooden struc­ture which was destroyed in 1831 by the Great Bar­ba­dos Hur­ri­cane. The church is located on the edge of Hack­le­ton cliff and pro­vides stun­ning views of the east coast. The church grounds are lush and serene and many cou­ples choose to have their wed­ding here. A notable fea­ture of the church is the tomb of Fer­n­i­nando Pale­o­lo­gus, a descen­dant of Emperor Con­stan­tine the Great, and who was the Parish War­den. Fer­di­nando died here in Bar­ba­dos in 1678, after being a res­i­dent for over 20 years.

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Codring­ton Col­lege - is the old­est Angli­can the­o­log­i­cal col­lege in the West­ern Hemi­sphere and many priests in the Caribbean have trained here. Not only is it a col­lege for reli­gious learn­ing, it has a very pic­turesque set­ting where on the 5-​acre prop­erty there are numer­ous views of the island and a beau­ti­ful lily pond where you can not only take pho­tos but feed the fish as well.

The Bay Tav­ern – renowned for the Thurs­day seafood lime.

Lemon Arbour – most renowned for its Sat­ur­day after­noon Pud­ding and Souse.

Fish­er­pond Great House – serves a wide vari­ety of Caribbean dishes includ­ing pep­per pot stew and cur­ried green bananas. Opens on Sun­day with buf­fet style din­ing and is also an ideal wed­ding spot.

Orchid world – home to over 20 000 orchids of sev­eral vari­eties includ­ing Clan­thes and Asco­cen­das. Open daily from 95 for tours.


Martin’s Bay – site of shal­low reefs. It is quite rocky mak­ing it ideal for those who like to fish.
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Bath beach – safe and per­fect for swim­ming due to its almost always low cur­rents. A stroll along the north­ern side of the beach will reveal a small water­fall, as well as the remains of the old train line that ran from Bridgetown to Bathsheba.

Con­set Bay – also ideal for fishing.

Unique Find
Guinea Plan­ta­tion - The first ref­er­ence may about Guinea Plan­ta­tion date as far back as 1654, it was one of the first sugar plan­ta­tions on the island and was stocked all at once with an entire cargo of Africans from the Guinea Coast, hence its name. Guinea Plan­ta­tion is also the home of the mango, as the first seedlings brought to Bar­ba­dos in 1742 were planted there. Guinea Plan­ta­tion caters for events from beau­ti­ful wed­dings and for­mal sit-​down din­ners, to casual recep­tions, pool and cock­tail par­ties. Guinea Plan­ta­tion also pro­vides accom­mo­da­tion in the Great House or in Self-​Catering Apartments.

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