Ains­ley Eats the Streets: Bar­ba­dos Edition

Ainsley harriot
Ains­ley Har­riot is a British celebrity chef and tele­vi­sion pre­sen­ter who has done many shows and writ­ten many works about food. But as he him­self has said the one thing he hadn’t expe­ri­enced was street food. So, his new show, Ains­ley Harriott’s Street Food seeks to explore var­i­ous types of street food all over the world. Episode 2, Aired on May 24
th, 2015, saw him visit our beau­ti­ful shores. He has roots in the Caribbean but he only vis­ited Bar­ba­dos as a tourist tast­ing the usual tourist cui­sine, but never really expe­ri­enc­ing what ‘real Bajans’ are eat­ing and cook­ing on the streets. Now was his oppor­tu­nity to do so, while also learn­ing what makes our food uniquely Bajan.

On his visit here, he was able to sam­ple a chicken and potato roti with rum punch on the beach, some rice and kid­ney beans and our national dish, cou cou and fly­ing fish at Mustard’s restau­rant. He man­aged to also try some fish­cakes from the pop­u­lar Hot Leg­endary Fish Cakes. As you can see above, Ains­ley quite enjoyed this spe­cific del­i­cacy. Ains­ley vis­ited the Bridgetown mar­ket as well, where he sam­pled some tra­di­tional Bajan pep­per sauce. He was even exposed to the prepa­ra­tion of a red snap­per fish, learn­ing how to sea­son it with some tra­di­tional Bajan sea­son­ing. He con­tin­ued his jour­ney by sam­pling food served on mobile vans and was very impressed with the food served just on the out­skirts of Hole­town (before the Sandy Lane Hotel). Finally, his trip to Bar­ba­dos could not be com­plete with­out vis­it­ing Oistins on Fri­day night and eat­ing some pud­ding and souse on Saturday.

The full Bar­ba­dos episode can be viewed here: http://​vod​locker​.com/​428​k​t​06​u​d​c​2​f

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