The Glass Bot­tom Boat Experience

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Some per­sons pre­fer to explore under­wa­ter life with­out snorkelling or get­ting wet.
Other per­sons would love to snorkel but choose not to because they can­not swim at all or can­not swim very well. Thus, the glass water boat expe­ri­ence is ideal for these per­sons as it has been described as the clos­est thing to snorkelling while stay­ing dry (although some excur­sions allow you the oppor­tu­nity to snorkel if you so desire). The glass water boat expe­ri­ence is a must do in Bar­ba­dos. You can enjoy a relax­ing cruise on the ocean while view­ing the won­der­ful sea life thought the glass bot­tom of the boat. Vis­i­ble to the naked eye dur­ing this expe­ri­ence are colour­ful fish, sea flora and coral and also some sea tur­tles. Each boat ride is very leisurely as the waters are always calm and clean. This expe­ri­ence will surely pro­vide you with the oppor­tu­nity to do a dif­fer­ent kind of sight­see­ing in Bar­ba­dos in a dif­fer­ent way.

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See the many under­wa­ter flora, fish and coral species liv­ing in the waters of Bar­ba­dos dur­ing your glass bot­tom boat experience.

Some of the Places that offer Glass Bot­tom Boat Expe­ri­ences include:

  • West­wa­ter Adven­tures Barbados
  • Just Breez­ing Watersports
  • Adven­ture Beach –The Boatyard
  • Bar­ba­dos Cruise Excursions
  • Team Bay­watch Watersports

What they said about their Glass Bot­tom Boat Expe­ri­ence — source from TripAdvisor:

When in Bar­ba­dos make sure you pay a visit to Wayne from Hole­town. The glass bot­tom boat is so much fun, from swim­ming with the tur­tles to explor­ing the Ship­wreck. The expe­ri­ence is out of this world. Wayne 2462346391 give him a call soon. Vivian B From Tri­pAd­vi­sor

glass bttm2We (fam­i­lies with kids rang­ing from 10 to 16 years) went on a glass-​bottomed boat ride from Folke­stone. We saw tur­tles and snorkelled over a sunken boat wreck and coral reef. The fish were totally amaz­ing and the staff on the boat were very knowl­edge­able and infor­ma­tive. Theywere extremely help­ful and atten­tive. I would totally rec­om­mend this — great value for money. The snorkels and life­jack­ets pro­vided were good. [Team Bay­watch Water­sports] rosyskis From Tri­pAd­vi­sor

We enjoyed a morn­ing with Max, and Mike [Team Bay­watch Water­sports] it was a lovely morn­ing to go sail­ing in a glass bot­tom boat search­ing for sea tur­tles and stingrays while look­ing at the beau­ti­ful reef below. The tour began when Max picked us up at out resort. He was very kind and his vehi­cle was clean,and com­fort­able. Max went out to find tur­tles to come up to the sur­face for us to see. The sail ended with rum punch and bev­er­ages for every­one. The tour ended when Max returned us safely to our resort. L.C.J From Tri­pAd­vi­sor

As it was my daughter’s first visit to Bar­ba­dos we wanted her to have an expe­ri­ence with the sea life. She was too short to do the Atlantis Sub­ma­rine trip and that spe­cific trip was also very expen­sive. We decided on a glass bot­tom boat because they had no objec­tions to a 2 year old swim­ming with the tur­tles — I really thought they would though… Both she and I not only swam with the tur­tles and fishes we were per­son­ally escorted through­out the entire trip which was mar­velous. Lorenzo, Ken­rick and Ms Cum­ber­batch pro­vided a per­son­al­ized tour which I am cer­tain my daugh­ter will never for­get…:-) [West­wa­ter Adven­tures Bar­ba­dos] Camilledd From Tri­pAd­vi­sor

This is an expe­ri­enced not to be missed, whether you are a vis­i­tor to the island or a local look­ing for some adven­ture at sea. Be sure to con­tact those places listed above to book your glass bot­tom boat expe­ri­ence now!

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