The Coconut Oil-​Oatmeal Face Mask for Acne

Acne is one of the most com­mon skin issues that affect Caribbean men and women. Acne occurs at almost any age and most frus­trat­ingly, it can occur almost ran­domly. There are many anti-​blemish facial washes, ton­ers and creams on the mar­ket, but these chem­i­cal prod­ucts usu­ally end up leav­ing a huge dent in our pock­ets, and some­times lose their effec­tive­ness over time. How­ever, this arti­cle will high­light a cost effec­tive and all nat­ural rem­edy for your acne and best of all, two of the three ingre­di­ents needed for this rem­edy are found in most house­holds across the world!

We present: The Coconut Oil-​Oatmeal Face Mask for Acne

coconut oil
Let us imme­di­ately estab­lish that this prod­uct works. One of the best fea­tures of it is the fact that the only thing most of you will need to buy is the pure coconut oil. Those in Bar­ba­dos can source this pure coconut oil from the Cheap­side Mar­ket in Bridgetown, or it can be sourced from any health shop such as Jenn Health & Beauty Sup­plies or Fresh Vit­a­mins as Vir­gin Coconut Oil. I per­son­ally pre­fer the coconut oil from the mar­ket due to its rich yel­low colour. Coconut oil is a fan­tas­tic, nat­ural oil with won­der­ful heal­ing and antibi­otic prop­er­ties (a more exten­sive arti­cle on the amaz­ing uses and ben­e­fits of coconut oil can be found in our health and well­ness section).

The sec­ond ingre­di­ent in this rem­edy is oats (either instant oats or reg­u­lar oats). This acne rem­edy is so effec­tive because it com­bines the heal­ing prop­er­ties of coconut oil with the exfo­li­at­ing prop­er­ties of oats in order to remove dead skin cells from your face, thus cur­ing your acne problem.

cinn sticks

There is a third ingre­di­ent that can be included in this rem­edy but it is optional. This is cin­na­mon pow­der. Cin­na­mon also has some nice heal­ing prop­er­ties for the skin and has been used in com­bi­na­tion with other nat­ural prod­ucts such as honey and lemon to treat acne as well.


Firstly, mix the cin­na­mon and oats together. Remem­ber you can use reg­u­lar oats or oat­meal pow­der. If you use oats it is impor­tant to crush them enough so that it turns into a pow­der so that your final paste will be smooth. Then, add the coconut oil as desired based on how thick you desire the paste to be. After form­ing the paste, apply it to your face and leave on for 1015 min­utes, then rinse off. One of the first things you will notice after rins­ing off the scrub is that your face is remark­ably soft and smooth. This is so because coconut oil also has mar­velous mois­tur­iz­ing prop­er­ties (I bet you are more and more intrigued to read our arti­cle on coconut oil!). It is very impor­tant to use a toner after wash­ing and before apply­ing any mois­tur­iz­ing cream. If you do not, your pores will become clogged. Any reg­u­lar toner can be used or even ice or lemon juice gen­tly rubbed across your face. This treat­ment should be used once or twice weekly depend­ing on your skin’s sen­si­tiv­ity and in about a week or two you will start to see results.

So, throw out those expen­sive anti-​blemish prod­ucts that leave deep holes in shal­low pock­ets (well maybe don’t throw them out but gen­tly place them aside) and try the Coconut Oil-​Oatmeal Face Mask today. Share this amaz­ing all nat­ural acne rem­edy with friends and fam­ily and drop us a com­ment below to let us know how well it has worked for you.

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