Pop­u­lar Rum Shops in Barbados

banks shop
Bar­ba­dos locally dis­tills sev­eral brands of rums and even has its own sig­na­ture brand Mount Gay Rum, one of the old­est and most pres­ti­gious rum brands in the world. Hav­ing such a rich his­tory in rum pro­duc­tion, it is no won­der that rum is a sym­bol of Bar­ba­dian Her­itage and Cul­ture, reflected in the fact that the island has over 1500 rum shops in this tiny 166 square mile island. This arti­cle will present some of the more pop­u­lar shops across the island.

But first, what exactly is a Rum Shop?

Of course, rum shops sell rum, but the essence of what a rum shop is goes deeper than the sell­ing and con­sump­tion of rum. Rum shops are places where locals meet up to lime (or hang out) eat and of course drink. It gives them a place to unwind and freely air their views about hap­pen­ings across the island includ­ing cur­rent affairs, sports and of course pol­i­tics, share a laugh, and a few sto­ries at any time dur­ing the day. Rum shops are iden­ti­fied as social hubs of Bar­ba­dos and its roots date back 300 years. Let’s not for­get the food served in these shops, includ­ing the national dish of Bar­ba­dos, Cou Cou and fly­ing fish, the pop­u­lar pud­ding and souse and fin­ger food such as fish cakes. Also, aside from the engag­ing and enter­tain­ing con­ver­sa­tions, you are cer­tain to find per­sons play­ing domi­noes. In recent times, cer­tain neigh­bor­hood rum shops have started sell­ing house­hold goods and food items to cater to per­sons liv­ing nearby.

Pop­u­lar Rum shops in Barbados

With so many rum shops across the island, there is a wide sam­ple to choose from when decid­ing on which are the best. How­ever, this list is by no means com­pre­hen­sive as dif­fer­ent per­sons will have dif­fer­ent opinions/​perceptions about what they con­sider to be the best.

R A. Mapp – St. Michael

This is a mas­sive favorite among local espe­cially due to its pop­u­lar “Mapps” dish – chips and rotis­serie chicken, which can be per­fectly washed down with a shot of Mount Gay Eclipse. Sim­ply Sumptuous.

Moon­town and St. Elmo Bar – St. Peter

With an elec­tric atmos­phere and its delight­ful local cui­sine, you could not ask for a bet­ter rum shop on the north coast of the island. Get fresh-​off-​the-​boat fish from right off the grill onto your plate. Don’t for­get your banks beer!

Lemon Arbour – St. John
Hugely pop­u­lar among locals due it its serv­ing of arguably the best Pud­ding and Souse on the island, buljol (salted cod) with pick­led shrimp and sea cat (octopus).

Bush Bar – St. Michael
bush bar
Sit­u­ated per­fectly near the city of Bridgetown, Bush Bar is ideal if you are look­ing for an all-​round expe­ri­ence: great music, food, drinks and an authen­tic Bajan experience.

John Moore Bar – St. James
john moore

John Moore Bar is very pop­u­lar for its fish and bread­fruit for both break­fast and lunch. It is one of the old­est rum shops on the island.

Fisherman’s Pub and Grub – St. Peter
fisherman pub

This is prob­a­bly more sedate than the other shops but it offers a fan­tas­tic view of the ocean and the Speight­stown board­walk. Also, be sure to check out some of the local cui­sine on your visit to Fisherman’s Pub and Grub.

One thing to be mind­ful of in rum shops is that some per­sons may engage in abu­sive lan­guage espe­cially when a “hot topic” is raised. How­ever, a rum shop is one of the best places to expe­ri­ence a piece of raw and authen­tic Bajan cul­ture. Be sure to visit any of these pop­u­lar shops, or any you come across in your neighborhood.

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