Bar­ba­dos Real Estate Agencies

See a full list of Real­tors avail­able in Bar­ba­dos below.

Real­tor Address Tel­phone
A & B Realty 14 Town Sq Stown St Peter Barbados 2464190272
A E K Realty 12 Sher­a­ton Pk Christ Church Barbados 2464371044
A Gre­gory Jack­man Assoc 17A Wilcox Ridge Christ Church Barbados 2464206631
A M Realty Ser­vices Ltd P O Box 59W Wor­thing Christ Church Barbados 246-​4AM-​SALE
A & M Trop­i­cal Realty # 47 Hope­field Christ Church Barbados 2464286911
A Piece Of Par­adise Invest­ment Inc Casua­r­ina Estates St Philip Barbados 2462661045
Adeyo Invest­ments Inc Elliott Hse St Mary’s Row Bridgetown Barbados 2464367017
Alcon Prop­erty Ser­vices Inc P O Box 27T St Thomas Barbados 2464368149
Alleyne Real Estate Weston St James Barbados 2464321159
Alti­tude Real Estate Services War­rens St Michael Barbados 2464170130
Alt­man Real Estate Head Office Der­ricks St James Barbados 2464320840
Alt­man Real Estate Rosamund Wor­thing Main Rd 2464353537
Alt­man Real Estate Limegrove Lifestyle Centre 2466272537
Ankir Hold­ings Inc Bldg 2 Gas Prod­ucts Rd Wildey 2464298292
Apex Con­struc­tion Inc Leonville St Patrick’s Christ Church Barbados 2464201231
ASK Real Estate & Finan­cial Services Tri­dent Hse Bridgetown Barbados 2464260421
Asso­ci­ated Realty Inc P O Box 3079 Hole­town Barbados 2464321400
Atlantic Realty Inc 3 Kyro Busi­ness Com­plex Rock­ley Terr Christ Church 2464349283
Babco Real­tors Chel­ston Av Cul­lo­den Rd St Michael Barbados 2464204380
Bar­ba­dos Properties Greenidge Dr Paynes Bay St James Barbados 2462431181
Ben­dian Realty 16 Fairview Cres Hope St George Tel/​Fax Barbados 2464291826
Blades Lemuel (LB’s Realty Services) 26 2nd Ave Green Hill St Michael Barbados 2464255350
Blue Ocean Realty P O Box 1010E Barbados 2464253372
Board­walk Realty Inc Ocean City St Philip Barbados 2464234770
Brit­ton George Real Estate Agent 1910th Ave B’ville St Michael Barbados 2464363330
Brooker David Real Estate Services 2 Lr Carters E’prise Christ Church Barbados 2464209628
Bry­mar Com­mer­cial Services 114 Flo­rence Dr St Silas Heights St James Barbados 2462337892
Busi­ness Ven­tures (C’bean) Inc P O Box 791 Bridgetown Barbados 2464236619
C & D Real Estate & Con­sul­tancy Ltd 1 Chancery Ln Christ Church Barbados 2464286525
Caribbean Island Properties Vau­cluse St Thomas Barbados 2464246633
Caribbean Prop­erty Ser­vices Inc 1 Val­ley Dr Fort George Hgts St Michael Barbados 2462303479
Cari­b­list Letch­worth Com­plex The Gar­ri­son St Michael 2464359965
Cen­tral Project Co-​ordinators Inc Suite 2Y 44 Kingston Main Rd Welches St Michael 2464267313
Cham­pion Realtors 3 Coral Dr West Hag­gatt Hall St Michael Barbados 2464308680
Church­field Real Estate Agents Church Point Htown St James Barbados 2464327124
Cler­mont Devel­op­ment Inc 6 6th Ave B’ville St Michael Barbados 2464314664
Clutton’s Hole­town St James Barbados 2464324663
Coral Stone Realty P O Box 6009 G A Int’l Air­port Christ Church 2464203687
CTIM Inc Water­front Marina Cavans Ln Bridgetown Barbados 2464368522
D’Best Realty Sales & Service Carmichael Hgts St George Barbados 2464291456
Den­mar Realty Inc 102 Cherry Dr Oxnards Terr St James Barbados 2464250822
Divine Travel Consultants Fitts Vlge St James Barbados 2464175757
Doug’s Realty 1st Fl 5 Ster­ling 8th Ave Belleville Barbados 2464267108
East­ern Land Devel­op­ments Ltd Hopewell Com­plex St Thomas Barbados 2464254064
Ed’s Auc­tions & Realty P O Box 734 Bridgetown Barbados 2464367234
Edwards Richard Firs Gar­den Gap W’thing Christ Church Barbados 2464356385
Ele­gant Prop­er­ties Realty Sandy Lane St James Barbados 2464320221
EPG Real Estate Ban­natyne Christ Church Barbados 2464371467
Fair­ways Real Estate Rock­ley Coun­try Club Golf Club Rd Christ Church 2464357862
First Choice Realty 232 Sugar Mill Dr Cane Gdns St Thomas Barbados 2464212089
Forde’s Real­tors & Prop­erty Mgt Ltd Eller­ton Hse Maxwell Coast Rd Barbados 2464286553
George A Ram­say & Co Ltd Suite 3 Welches St Thomas Barbados 2466281376
Global Estate Agency Inc Suite 2 1st Fl Wor­thing Plaza W’thing Christ Church 2464269469
Green Leaf Realty 1 Hilton Rd Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 2464208404
Greenidge C M & Sons Ltd Tudor St Bridgetown Barbados 2464265919
H E I (Home Enter­prises Inc) 38 Cot­tage Hgts St George Barbados 2462714155
H T Realty Inc 2 Culpep­per Dev Barbados 2464239659
H V Realty Services Hilton Rd Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 2464180253
Han­nah Prop­er­ties Ltd Bar­ba­dos Barbados 2462712551
Has­sel­ton Inc-​Real Estate Agents P O Box 34 W Wor­thing Christ Church Barbados 2464357000
Her­itage Prop­er­ties Limited Rock­ley New Rd Barbados 2464264662
High­clere Prop­er­ties Inc Col­gate Pal­mo­live Bldg Har­bour Rd Bridgetown 2464241070
Hive Realty # 5 Pasea Finan­cial Cen­tre Cnr Dayrells Rd & Harts Gap 2462283620
Huey Realty Inc Cher­ryville Friend­ship PltnSt M Barbados 2464294417
Island Gold Realty Ltd Suite C Bdos Golf Club Durants Christ Church Barbados 2464208789
Island Gold Realty Ltd Rock­ley Ofc Rock­ley Golf & Coun­try Club 2464357852
Island Prop­er­ties (1997) Ltd The Pltn Restu­rant Com­plex St Law­Main Rd Barbados 2464373833
Island Real­tors 2nd Fl Tri­dent Hse Barbados 2464368982
Island Vil­las Ltd Trents Bldg Hole­town St Jas BB 24017 Barbados 2464223333
J & B Real Estate 124 Sea­clu­sion Rd Atlantic ShoresCh Ch Barbados 2464289102
J’S Realty Inc P O Box 1321 Bridgetown Barbados 2464244310
Just Real Estate 29 Eliz­a­beth Pk Christ Church BB 15092 Barbados 2462281529
Kelly J E & Co 33 Walk­ers Pk W St George Barbados 2464275496
Key Realty Club Mor­gan Ridge Christ Church Barbados 2464275467
Key­stone Real Estate Inc Long Bay Dev St Philip Barbados 2464236649
Kinch Realty York­shire Christ Church Barbados 2462311144
Kir­ton Alkins N FRICS IRRV 29 Flam­boy­ant Ave Sun­set Crest St James Barbados 2464327191
L B’s Realty Services 26 2nd Ave Green Hill St Michael Barbados 2464255350
Lash­ley Properties Shak Shak Com­plex Hast­ings Barbados 2464241442
M G M Com­pany Ltd Cot­tage 1 Rowans St George Barbados 2464298794
Man­ning Harry Associates War­rens St Michael Barbados 2464242661
Mil­lion Dol­lar Homes 26 Meadow Vale Heights 4 St James Barbados 2462641540
Mod­ern Prop­erty Bro­kers Inc 649 Kings­land Terr Christ Church Barbados 2462512715
Move Mak­ers Inter­na­tional Ltd 20 Long Beach Dr Chancery LnCh Ch Barbados 2464180678
Mus­son S P Son & Co Ltd St George ST Bridgetown Barbados 2464295686
Newhaven Lim­ited Pavil­ion Court Hstgs Christ Church Barbados 2464264640
Niles Her­bert Real Estate Agent Hilton Rd Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 2464180253
O F S Realty 660 Kings­land Christ Church Barbados 2464203103
Palm Real Estate Maynard’s Pltn St Peter Barbados 2462309678
Phoenix Man­age­ment Ser­vices Ltd 55 Tudor St Bridgetown Barbados 2464277440
Prop­erty Hold­ings Ltd Wal­rond St Bridgetown Barbados 2464295300
Prop­erty Sales Inc 6 8th Ave Bville St Michael Barbados 2464364861
RBES Prop­er­ties Sargeants Vlge Christ Church Barbados 2462305346
Real­tors Limited Hole­town St James Barbados 2464326930
Reemac Hos­pi­tal­ity Consultants Weston Strath­clyde Dr St Michael Barbados 2464167747
Rex Realty Limited 10 Mirabelle Apts St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464206906
Ridge­way Realtors 76 Warn­ers Gdns Christ Church Barbados 2464371437
Rival Enter­prises Ltd Flam­boy­ant Ave Sun­set Crest Barbados 2464326457
Ron Karp Realty Ltd Dacia Golf Club Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464367440
Royale Realty Trin­ity Gibbs St Peter Barbados 2462312822
Rymar Prop­er­ties 1 Col­lege Savan­nah Con­set Bay St John Barbados 2462303865
Sabah Invest­ments Caribbee Hotel Hstgs Christ Church Barbados 2464366232
Saint Peter’s Bay Road View St Ptr BB26025 2464199601÷05
Schooner Bay Prop­erty Man­agers Ofc Barbados 2464197800
Sea Shell Caribbean Hstgs Christ Church Barbados 2464353835
Sea­side Realty 11 Porters St James Barbados 2464397010
Sig­na­ture Invest­ments Ltd 21 Long Beach Rd Chancery Ln Barbados 2464205289
Skyvil­las Realty Inc Eller­ton Gdns Phase 2 St George Barbados 2462343380
Speedy Realty Sales & Service 10 Chan­dler Com­plex Brighton Barbados 2464263608
St James Gate Partnership The Moor­ings Fitts Vil­lage Barbados 2464175682
Stoute Ronald & Sons Ltd Cas­tle Cl Com­plex Sam Lords Cas­tle St Philip 2464236800
Sun­rise Real Estate Services 8 Prior Pk St James Barbados 2464383800
Sun­shine Real Estate Bldg 12 Wildey Indus Pk St Michael Barbados 2464295383
Telco Enter­prises Ltd Sun­ny­side Blk Rk Main Rd St Michael Barbados 2464259952
Trin­ity Homes Ltd 3 Maxwell Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2462713333
Trin­ity Realty Maxwell Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464289174
Twenty First Cen­tury Real Estate 38 The Belle Pltn St Michael Barbados 2462281536
Vue­mont Barbados Mt Bre­vi­tor St Peter Barbados 2464226639
West Coast Vil­las Sotheby’s Int’l Realty The Beach Hse Htown St James Barbados 2464325050
West End Realtors 31 Durants Christ Church Tel/​Fax Barbados 2464284659
Winita Trad­ing Inc Lr West­bury Rd Barbados 2464217814
World­wide Dream Vil­las Barbados Indigo Court­yard Htown St James Barbados 2464326307
Wor­thing Realty Devon W’thing Christ Church Barbados 2464358538

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