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Mount Gay rumdfr barbados resizeRum is a sta­ple in the Caribbean life, and more impor­tantly in the Bar­ba­dian lifestyle, so much so, Bar­ba­di­ans claim to have a rum shop on every cor­ner. Being pro­duced here for over 350 years, Bar­ba­dos’ rum is con­sid­ered to be some of the best in the world. Join a tour and have a look at the pro­duc­tion of these fine liqueurs.

Bar­ba­dos has three major rum dis­til­leries, Mount Gay Dis­til­leries, West Indies Rum Dis­til­leries and Foursquare Rum Dis­til­leries. There is also St. Nicholas Abbey who pro­duces rum on a smaller scale.

Mount Gay Dis­til­leries Ltd. Estab­lished in 1703, is one of the old­est and most respected dis­til­leries in the world. Mount Gay Rum is a sym­bol of excel­lence and a rep­re­sen­ta­tion of what Bar­ba­dos has to offer. Focussed solely on rum, each bot­tle in the Mount Gay fleet is blended to per­fec­tion. You can enjoy intrigu­ing tours, tast­ing ses­sions and learn more about the brand and its his­tory, with the Mount Gay Rum Tours.

West Indies Rum Dis­til­leries Estab­lished in 1893 by the Stades broth­ers, dis­tils world class rums and spir­its. Cock­spur Rum, one of the many bot­tles dis­tilled here, is of the high­est qual­ity known to man. Visit Cock­spur Beach Club and spend a relaxed day on the beach, enjoy tast­ings and arrange your tour of the West Indies Rum Distillery.

st nicholas abbey rumFoursquare Rum Dis­til­leries and Her­itage Park A fam­ily owned and oper­ated, sits on eight acres of land which was for­merly a sugar fac­tory. The restored fac­tory build­ings now house the dis­tillery, while the plan­ta­tion yard is used for enter­tain­ment pur­poses. The prop­erty houses the dis­tillery, as well as other attrac­tions. These include muse­ums and craft shops.

One other men­tion­able dis­tillery is located at St. Nicholas Abbey. Built in 1658, St. Nicholas Abbey is said to be one of ONLY three gen­uine Jacobean man­sions in the West­ern Hemi­sphere. Restored to an impec­ca­ble con­di­tion, the Abbey uses the tra­di­tional dis­til­la­tion process to pro­duce rum on a smaller scale. This allows vis­i­tors to have a more inti­mate expe­ri­ence with the pro­duc­tion of their rum.

These dis­til­leries pro­vide rum con­nois­seurs with some of the best alco­holic spir­its ever cre­ated. Today, vis­i­tors and locals can enjoy Bar­ba­dos rum, learn about the his­tory and its dis­till­ing process by vis­it­ing the var­i­ous dis­til­leries across the island.

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