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St. Lucy Parish Church

St. George Parish Church
St. John’s Parish Church
St. James Parish Church

St Lucy Parish Church

The first St. Lucy Parish Church is one of the six orig­i­nal parish churches. It has been rebuilt three times, with its present struc­ture hav­ing been con­structed in 1837. Pre­vi­ous struc­tures were dam­aged by hur­ri­canes in the years 1629, 1780 and 1831. Its archi­tec­ture is pre­dom­i­nately Gre­go­rian.
st lucy parish church
One of its Gre­go­rian fea­tures is bell tower, sit­u­ated at the entrance. It was first con­structed of tim­ber in 1629.

Tel: (246) 4398299

St. George Parish Church

Con­structed in 1784, this Angli­can Church is the old­est eccle­si­as­ti­cal struc­ture on the island. The impos­ing Geor­gian and Gothic archi­tec­ture are two of its most fas­ci­nat­ing fea­tures. Another attrac­tion is Rise to Power, a paint­ing of the Res­ur­rec­tion, by Amer­i­can artist Ben­jamin West. The paint­ing car­ries a pecu­liar and inter­est­ing story. Before it was dis­played inside the church, it was stored in an out­build­ing on a nearby plan­ta­tion. A thief, who sought to evade law­men by hid­ing in the same build­ing, was so uneasy with Jesus’€™ gaze that he punched the eye out of the paint­ing. The paint­ing still bears the scars from the vandalism.

Tel: (246) 4368794 (Church) /​(246) 4290371 (Church office)

St John’s Parish Church

This his­tor­i­cal church was built in 1836, replac­ing the pre­vi­ous wooden struc­ture after it was destroyed by the Great 1831 Bar­ba­dos Hur­ri­cane. It is said to be the most Eng­lish of all the Bar­ba­dian churches because of its clas­sic Gothic archi­tec­tural design. Another inter­est­ing fea­ture of this Church is its elab­o­rately carved pul­pit which is said to con­tain six dif­fer­ent woods: ebony, locust, Bar­ba­dos mahogany, manchi­neel, oak and pine — the first four of which are indige­nous to Barbados.
This church is located on the edge of Hackleton’s cliff in pic­turesque St. John, over­look­ing the East Coast of Bar­ba­dos with church grounds that are lush and serene. A notable fea­ture of the church is that in its church­yard lies Fer­n­i­nando Pale­o­lo­gus, a descen­dant of Emperor Con­stan­tine the Great, and who was the Parish War­den. Fer­di­nando died here in Bar­ba­dos in 1678, after being a res­i­dent for over 20 years. The Church is also the final rest­ing place of Thomas Hughes, who was buried directly behind Fer­n­i­nando in a stand­ing posi­tion. This unortho­dox posi­tion was requested by Hughes since he really sat at the job he held.

Tel: (246) 4335599

St. James Parish Church

This Angli­can Church is one of the four old­est in Bar­ba­dos. The wooden struc­ture was built in 1628 by the first set­tlers to Bar­ba­dos. The St. James Parish Church was later replaced with a coral and lime­stone struc­ture after it was dam­aged by a hur­ri­cane in 1675.

One of this church’€™s unique fea­tures is its orig­i­nal bell– the old­est in Bar­ba­dos. After being dam­aged, by a fall in 1881, the bell, which no longer is in oper­a­tion, was sent to Eng­land for repairs. An inter­est­ing fact is that the bell, which car­ries the inscrip­tion ‘€œGod bless King William-​1696′,€ pre­dates the Amer­i­can Lib­erty Bell by 56 years. Over the course of the years in the 1980s and 90s, there has been con­sid­er­able work done in the restora­tion of the building.

Tel: (246) 4224117

Open­ing Hours: Monday-​Friday (Sight­see­ing tours)- 9 am — 1 pm

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